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Top 5 Globe Skateboard Reviews 2020

Skateboarding is a sport that has grown massively over the years. It’s pretty much famous for teenagers as well as adults who take skateboarding as a profession. Skateboarding has evolved and professionals all around the world have shown an array of stunts and quality of skills, which requires mastery over this sport. Read our top 5 globe skateboard reviews to know more about it.

Brand Identity

Globe is one of the leading worldwide manufacturers and distributors of skateboards and boardsports equipment. It is an Australian based company where they do not only sell skateboards but also footwear and clothing.

Globe International was founded by three Australian brothers in 1985 who were also professional skateboarders. Although it was based in Australia, the sports equipment lacked the quality they needed. So, they went into business with the US and imported skate products. 

Watch How Globe Skateboard is made…

Globe also manufactures and distributes skateboards under many other owned and licensed brands that include Enjoi, Blind, Almost, Darkstar, Girl, Flip, Chocolate, Thrasher, Andale, Pro-tec, M/SF/T.

It’s hard to make a decision about longboards, so to ease things up, we have put up the TOP 5 Globe Skateboards that would actually benefit you. 

Our TOP 5 Globe Skateboard choices are:

  • Globe Blazer XL Cruiser Skateboard
  • Globe Chromantic Cruiser Galaxy Skateboard/Longboard
  • Globe Bannerstone Complete Skateboard
  • Globe Big Blazer Cruiser Complete Skateboard
  • Globe HG Blazer Skateboard

First thing’s first, you have to know each part of the skateboard so you may know what should fit you the best!

  • Starting out with the board, the main thing we are going to look into is its width. If you have big shoes and you are a larger person in size, then a board with greater width is the best option to choose from. The concave of the board is also a thing to know, where a deeper concave gives the board the ability to flip faster and a flatter concave gives you less flip and grip.
  • Griptape is also one of the most important things to choose from. Too much grip on the grip tape gives you the capacity to do tricks while less grippy grip tape gives you less trick to do.
  • The main thing about the wheels of a skateboard is its size and type. Getting bigger wheels might give you wheel bites which means there will be friction between the board and the wheels. The hardness of the wheels is what makes the skateboard run. If you are a cruiser then go for the softer wheels and to do tricks go with the harder ones. 
  • Just like the wheels, the trucks come in all different sizes, colors, company, and graphics. Good quality trucks will give you durability and performance altogether. 
  • Bearings are the ones that are going to make your wheels spin. Good bearings will last a long time with the top-notch performance so you might be sure to get the good ones! 

Globe Blazer XL Cruiser Skateboard

The Globe Blazer XL is a very beautiful and stylish long length diamond-tail cruiser with built-in bottle opener and soft cruiser wheels.

With dimensions of 36.25 inches and a width of 9.75 inches, it has a long and large deck for a skateboard. It’s got a hard Resin-8 Maple wood which is very durable, so you won’t have to worry about dents and cracks or flexing it to the highest level.

The wheelbase of this skateboard is 21.5 inches which increases the stability of this skateboard and increase it’s turning radius. This particular board has 6 inches Slant trucks, 62mm 78A wheels with ABEC 7 bearings. 

Globe Blazer XL 36.25" Cruiser Skateboard
Globe Blazer XL 36.25″ Cruiser Skateboard

Who It’s For

Globe Blazer XL is a great cruiser that is perfect for campus and commutes. It also provides the facility of doing some flip tricks and ollies in your fun time. 

  • It’s particularly made for easy cruising given with a soft concave and a medium kicktail. So if you are a person that wants to cruise daily, this is the board that you should keep in your shortlist.
  • It rides very smoothly and its tensor trucks are loose and responsive. 
  • The wheels of this are 62mm 78A wheels which are pretty much big compared to other skateboards. 
  • The bearings are ABEC 7 rated which explains why it is a top-quality skateboard. It speeds up faster and has a smooth transition of speed.
  • The weight limit of this board so far is 220lbs. So basically if you are under 220 lbs, you’re good to go!


  • ABEC 7 Rated bearings make it a high quality performing skateboard
  • 78A durometer wheels which make it grippy.
  • Long deck for the best stability and cruising capabilities
  • Resin-8 Maple used for the structure of the deck making it very durable
  • Great Graphics for the deck
  • Smoothest of turns for its Tensor Trucks
  • Tensor Trucks has a reputation for its tough and durable quality
  • Quite wheel cruise


  • Paints get scuffed easily for its low ground clearance
  • The griptape of this particular board is not the best one for many riders

Globe Chromantic Cruiser Galaxy Skateboard

The Globe Chromantic Cruiser Galaxy is a great skateboarding marvel from Globe.

The deck measures at 33×9.7 inches. The construction uses Canadian 7 Ply hard rock maple wood.  It is featured with a concave and a short kicktail. The trucks of this board use 6 inches Slant trucks.

The wheels are 62mm 83A making it a sliding board with less grip and less friction to the ground. The bearings of this board are Globe’s ABEC 7 Rated Precision Speed Bearings and use the Clear Broadcast Grip tape. 

Globe Chromatic Cruiser Galaxy Complete Longboard
Globe Chromatic Cruiser Galaxy Complete Longboard

Who It’s For?

This is a great beginner board to start with. Users who started with this board found it comfortable and settled very fast. 

  • The board is lightweight so it’s easy to carry around with you when you are not skating. 
  • The wheels and bearings are made smooth and also have a balanced grip with the balanced sliding ability for its 83A wheels. The bigger wheels help skateboarders to go downhill and carve with stability at high speeds. It also helps with going smooth on rough surfaces so you wouldn’t have to worry about bumps and cracks that much.
  • The deck gives an enduring possibility for heavy usage. But there is less flex on this board so you won’t get that flexible bent that some board provides. 


  • ABEC 7 Rated Bearings used in this board is quite a quality and high performing bearing
  • Great beginner board to start with
  • Canadian 7 Ply Maple Hard Rockwood used for the deck for durability and endurance
  • 83A Durometer wheels give you a balance between grip and slide
  • 62mm wheels make it a large wheel giving you the perfect cruising companion 
  • Smooth ride on rough surfaces and downhills
  • Stable on high speed
  • Great printed graphics
  • Lightweight deck for easy carry 
  • Can hold up to 250 lbs


  • ABEC 7 bearings can be expensive for most people
  • Weighting above 250 lbs is not recommended for this board
  • Small kick tail 

Globe Bannerstone Complete

The Globe Bannerstone Red Bamboo is a skateboard and a longboard altogether. It features a 41-inch long deck with a width of 9.75 inches.

The deck of this board is made with 10-Ply Bamboo, which makes it heavier and non-flexible.  

It’s got a slight side-to-side concave to give you a grip with the board and give you the handling of turns much easier. The wheels are 72mm which is a large wheel compared to other skateboards giving you speed and cruise for longer distances.

180mm slant inverted trucks give you the opportunity to ride in different modes from cruising to carving to freeriding, featuring Reverse Kingpin and the flip hanger, which is able to turn 54 degrees, giving you the possibility for tighter and sharper turns.

Globe Bannerstone Complete Skateboard
Globe Bannerstone Complete Skateboard

Who It’s For

It’s the best skateboard for cruiser and carver. The Globe Bannerstone Red Bamboo is suitable for all types of riders, from beginner to professional.

  • The deck is made of 10 Ply Bamboo construction which weighs almost 8 pounds makes it a heavy board. So if you are going to the campus and want to carry it around with you, it might be a trouble. 
  • It also can hold up to 250 lbs so it pretty much can hold anyone under the given load.
  • The 72mm 78A durometer wheels make it a perfect cruiser for smooth turns, downhill bombing, and even freeriding. 
  • The 180mm slant inverted trucks make this board go around turns quite easily and smoothly. So a cruiser wouldn’t have to face difficulties turning this board on corners.


  • Precision ABEC 7 Bearings 
  • Suitable for all types of riders
  • 10-Ply Bamboo makes it a durable structure 
  • 78A durometer wheels used for great grip
  • Smooth ride for its low ground clearance
  • Stable board for its all-around wheels, deck, and trucks


  • It’s not good for sliding due to its softer wheels
  • It’s close to the ground which might scratch the bottom
  • Its soft bushing might get wobbles on high speed
  • It’s heavy to carry
  • No kicktail

Globe Big Blazer Cruiser Skateboard

Globe’s Big Blazer Cruiser is one of those boards which has a long wheelbase that is going to give the utmost control and legroom for immense comfort. For a commuter, this board is going to give them stability.

It comes with a built-in bottle opener to help you open that chilling drink after a long and awesome cruise. It comes with a length of 32 inches and 9.25-inch width and a wheelbase of 17.5 inches.

The deck construction uses Resin-7 hard rock Maple and the concave of this build is a Mellow concave with a kicktail at the end. 

It is wrapped with 6-inch Slant trucks which makes it extremely strong and lightweight. ABEC 7 bearings are used for high precision, faster speed, and high tolerance. 

Globe Big Blazer 32" Cruiser Skateboard
Globe Big Blazer 32″ Cruiser Skateboard

Who It’s For

The Globe Big Blazer is best suited for the cruiser and commuter. The smoothness that it gives in turns and on rough surfaces is quite remarkable. This is a great beginner board to start with and we recommend you getting one if you want to learn fast.

  • Featuring the deck, this is pretty durable but lightweight. So it’s the best board to pick up and rock it everywhere you go.
  • The wheelbase is genuinely big and will give legroom for anyone that is big in size. This board holds up to 220 lbs so far.
  • The 62mm and 83A durometer wheels give it a balanced sliding and gripping capability. So it’s fast and has great control for a cruiser. 
  • The built-in bottle opener is an extra feature for those who need it after a long ride, so that’s a plus. 
  • The slant trucks provide you with smooth turns and easy on bumps and cracks. So if you want stability and comfort, then this might provide you that!


  • Great board for beginners
  • ABEC 7 rated bearings for high performance and durability
  • Built-in Bottle Opener
  • Smooth and Comfortable Cruiser
  • Plenty of Legroom for its width
  • Responsive Turns
  • Mellow kicktail for ollies
  • Lightweight yet durable Deck
  • Has balanced grip and sliding capabilities
  • Great Sharp Graphics on deck 
  • Guaranteed for Life 6-inch Slant Trucks


  • Weight is limited to 220 lbs so far.
  • For using quality materials, this board can come expensive for some
  • Not the best for grip and downhill bombing 

Globe HG Blazer Skateboard

The Globe HG Blazer Skateboard is a cool 26-inch skateboard that you want your feet on! 

It’s a mini wooden cruiser with big soft wheels that are going to give you a great carving experience. The wheels used on this board are 62mm 78A, providing you with a great grip during cruising and carving. The trucks are 4.25-inch slant trucks, giving you a durable and smooth turning options on corners.

Globe HG Blazer Skateboard
Globe HG Blazer Skateboard

Who It’s For

The Globe HG Blazer is a cruiser board for short distances mainly for street and cruising inside neighborhoods.

  • It’s 26 inches long deck is good for teenagers and shorter persons with small shoe sizes. However, if you have a big shoe size or tall, you might have problems with legroom capacity as it is small. 
  • It weighs almost 4 pounds making it a lightweight board. So you wouldn’t have to worry about taking to your campuses or carrying it with you when you don’t need it.
  • The wheels are able to provide you enough grip for the street cruising and smoothness of turns along with corners and paths. 62mm wheels are very stable on cracks and rough surfaces while the 78A durometer soft wheels keep you stuck to the ground and disables sliding chances. 
  • It’s a great beginner or starter board for anyone who is new to skateboarding. It’s got a mellow concave with kick tail, so you can perform ollies with this board pretty easily. 
  • It is able to hold up to 155 lbs, but we wouldn’t recommend anyone that weights above that.


  • Lightweight Board
  • ABEC 7 rated bearings for better durability and performance
  • Great grip for its soft wheels
  • Has got a kicktail that you can perform ollies with
  • Smooth on cracks and rough surfaces
  • Small in size compared to other skateboards
  • Cool graphics print on deck


  • Not recommended for weights above 155 lbs
  • Small deck 
  • No sliding capabilities

Final Thoughts

As we have discussed in the beginning that no matter what the deck size is, it’s going to feel contrasting for different people. 

But we can assure you that some of our provided information is able to make you choose the best one for you. The Globe Skateboards provide you durable and precision materials that might also cost you a bit high price. 

These TOP 5 choices are made by users all around the world using the Globe Skateboards and in their opinion, we can get the idea of the different specifications that each of them provides us with. 

You also have to know what type of skateboard you are selecting, with style in consideration. A cruising board will always be different from a downhill or commuting board. Some skateboards are able to do all of them which is also a point to remember. 

So, depending on the size, style, and budget, you can get to know these boards pretty well and what might suit you the best!