FAQs about Best Skateboard:

What is the most popular skateboard brand?

Everyone who has the intention of buying skateboard tries to choose the best one whether he is a beginner or a master. But it’s not easy to determine a brand as best while there are lots of brands with the variation of skateboards. However, here we mention some popular skateboard brands for you based on its style, quality, and price.  Santa Cruz, Rimable, Quest, Merkapa, Cal 7, etc.

How much does a good skateboard cost?

Actually it depends on the accessories of the skateboard like Deck, Trucks, Wheels, and bearings. The more quality you want in accessories, the more money you need to spend. Usually, the cost of a good skateboard is around $150+. But sometimes Many brands offer high-quality skateboard at an affordable price.

What skateboard size should I get?

While there are variations in skateboard size, you need to choose one that suits you. The length and width are considered when choosing skateboard size. Experts suggest beginners choose skateboard size based on width, not length.

How long does a skateboard last?

How long a skateboard last totally depends on the users and the skateboard quality. For beginners who don’t know to ride properly, it lasts a year. And for the expert riders, It lasts a long time, but if you ride roughly it may damage in a short time. Low-quality accessories may be the cause of damaging easily. With changing damaged accessories you may ride for a long time.

FAQs about Cruiser Skateboard:

What is the difference between a cruiser and a skateboard?

There are various types of skateboards, the cruiser is one of them. The difference is, cruiser skateboard is longer than typical skateboards and shorter than longboards. Its compact size made this portable and durable as well. Cruisers are built for short communication while traditional skateboards are for long distances.

What size cruiser board should I get?

The size of cruiser skateboards available in the market is 22″ to almost 46″ in length and 6″ to 9″ in width.  The size you select depends on your preference.for quick and sharp turning short deck is suitable and for carving long deck. Finally, if you are a beginner choose the smart and narrow board, and if you are an expert and professional you may go with a longer board.  

What are the best wheels for cruiser skate?

Cruiser skateboards are built with soft wheels for smooth riding. But the hard wheels absorb less vibration and roll faster than a soft one. However, you have to consider some important points to choose the best wheel such as diameter width and trucks as well. 

Are Penny boards good for cruising?

You know the penny board is one kind of skateboard, but the difference is it’s smaller than standard skateboards. Penny board specially designed for beginners. the shortness of this makes riding easy for kids and teens. But it’s not an ideal board for long commuting. Penny board is not recommended for its hard wheels when the cruiser requires a soft wheel. However, if you are a beginner you can go with it. 

FAQS about best longboards

What is the best brand of longboards?

There are lots of longboard brands competing in the market. All of them offer different types of design and features. It’s too difficult to say which is the best one in a few words.  Here we listed some popular longboard brands for you. Quest, Rimable, Santa Cruz, Atom, Sector 9, Playshion, Volador, Yocaher, Retrospec, Landyachtz.

What are the best longboards for beginners?

Actually it depends on various things like the model, style, and purpose as well. For recreational purposes, we recommend freeride longboard, and for the professional carriers, freestyle is the best option.

How much does a good longboard cost?

The price of the longboard starts from $50-$400. Most of the time it depends on the design and quality of the board. The maple wood made the board cheaper than others. This price is not a big issue when it’s more durable than other ordinary durable products. Though, some brands high-quality products at a low price. 

Are longer longboards easier to ride?

The absolutely longer board is easier to ride. This gives more stability than shorter ones.