TOP 10 Best Skateboard Reviews 2020 | A Complete Guide

Looking best skateboards to buy? here we are! you will get the best skateboards reviews ever. Let’s face it. The human mind is continuously involved in search of soothing experience, refreshment, and thrill. A sport like skateboarding is an impressive source of joy and pleasure.

Skateboarding, an alternative sport was introduced as an option of fun in the 1940s but within two decades it took focus as a sport through a national championship in 1965. The interesting point is that the most important part of this sport is picking up the best skateboard to ride on.  You can read the history of skateboarding.

Skateboarding can refresh your body and mind through the gentle breeze and swift scrolling. Over time there are so many boards in the market that choosing the best skateboard is really a matter of complexity. 

Everyone has variations of demand, selection, and expectations. But, skateboarding has some common factors to consider. It’s not only about the use of the board but also depends on the user. Steel, selecting the best skateboard is the initial part of the journey of enjoyment.

That’s why we are going to present here some of the best skateboard selections on our expert’s eye. We categorized them from different expectations. So, we are going to share with you the best skateboards from a different viewpoint for helping you to get the most suited type skateboard for you.  You can also read our Best Cruiser Skateboard Reviews 2020.

Review till the end, we analyze your demands carefully which will be reflected in our selections. Don’t be fast and skimming also to ensure your best skateboard selection.

Take a quick look our top 10 best skateboards

  • Powell Golden Dragon Flying Dragon Complete Skateboard – Best Overall
  • PUENTE 31 inch Complete Skateboards – Best for beginners
  • Merkapa 22″ Complete Skateboard – Best for kids
  • ANCHEER 27″ Cruiser Skateboard – Best for cruising
  • POSITIV Team Complete Skateboards – Smooth Riding
  • MINORITY 32inch Maple Skateboard – Best for tricks
  • Punisher Skateboards 9001 Cherry Blossom – Best for girls
  • RockBirds Skateboards, 31” Pro Complete Skateboard – Best for beginner adults
  • KPC Pro Skateboard Complete – Best cheap skateboard
  • Landwalker Pro Cruiser – Best for fun

How to choose the best skateboard:

Choosing the best skateboard is like a challenge for everyone. There are a huge bunch of designs, thousands of colors, variations of components, redefined forms and functionality, a different type of materials and so many to consider at a time.

It baffles the beginners and also confuses the masters about which one to buy. The calculations and impact of other figures like budget, favorable criteria, observations and expectations also have an impact on your selection. The skateboards are different based on their form, feature, and functionality. Some of them are for beginners, some for kids and teens, some for tricks and stunts and some for cruising.

So, it is not easy to select the one best suited for anyone. Still, there are some basic options to consider in making a perfect choice and sometimes, different questions come in mind as well in your way of making proper selections.

That’s why we are going to make a quick review of some relevant issues related to what will help you to choose the best skateboard.

We think, while the skateboard is the case, you should know some relevant details of skateboard components. You should have some idea of better size, shape, and designs of skateboard too. Here, we have some initial note of skateboard parts and features:


For some of us, the design is a really crucial factor. In the case of skateboards, the design is one of the first priority options to keep in mind. There are numerous numbers of changes in designs.

So, before going into deep designing notes, the primary option is which type of skateboard you wish to buy concerning cruisers, longboard, traditional skateboard, and shortboard. Then, think about your expertise level.

After that, you will see the designs are focused on a different color and aesthetic aspects. From there, find out the most suited color for you. However, color is a reflection of your personality.

The pattern, logo, and presentations of the board also represent your personality. So, choose the best design by looking into these issues. 


The size of the skateboard has variation as well. The size basically means the size of the deck while there also involved the size of wheels, trucks, bearing, etc. As the most usual case, the size of the deck has variations too but 27” to 31” of the skateboard is most available and better for everyone.

The width should be your concern too. Based on size some board suits kids and some for adults. There are some boards also which can be used by both kids and adults. 


The deck is the basement of skaters to ride on and other parts of the skateboard-like wheels, trucks, and bearings are placed on the deck. A deck can be made of different materials like maple wood, plastic, polyurethane, etc.

With materials of the board, the length and the width are the most highlighted issue in buying the best skateboard. The deck of the skateboard usually varies from 21 inches to 32inches. Besides, the widths of the board that are available in the market have a size of 6 inches to 10 inches.

A balance between the length and width of the deck is maintained everywhere. Basically short skateboard has a narrow deck and long one have wider deck.


Wheels have much significance in moving the board fast and smoothly.
Wheels also ensure the balance and stability of rider on the board and wheels should be maintained an adjustable size on the deck.

Otherwise, it will not roll efficiently. Wheel size has an impact on the speed of the wheel and the material used in the wheel is also a considerable issue. Moreover, large wheels have less friction and tolerance.

So, setting up the appropriate wheels on the board ensures a swift and smooth ride. Don’t forget to review the wheels before buying your best skateboard.


The truck is a T-shaped part of the board and it ensures the performance of the skateboard. Trucks are adjusted on the deck maintaining the balance of wheelbase and wheels are also attached on trucks. It shares space to wheels and facilitates the turning and rolling of wheels.

To get better performance of wheels and to reduce wheel bite you have to adjust the standard-sized trucks. The standard size of trucks is dependent on the length and width of the deck.


To roll the wheel the skateboard should have bearing inside the wheel. For that reason, bearings are influentially involved in maintaining wheels speed.  While trucks set the balance of the wheels, the bearings enable the rolling of wheels. As bearings are to set on the internal part of the wheels, so one should adjust bearings based on wheel size. There are also variations in the size of bearings. 

Shape Preference

Sometimes the shape of skateboard turns to a confusing issue to some of us, especially for beginners. While we gather some experience after using some skateboards, we move to try different deck shapes.

To define our preferences we try to specify the credits of those deck shapes. Beginning with basic deck shapes like “radial” and “progressive” type conventional one, we may have the idea of basic and flat tricks. Here, concave became the ultimate point of focus which means the section between the nose and the tail that curves up on the sides.

Radial concave means a subtle U-shaped curve and it is the most common deck shape. Progressive concave is a bit developed form of radial. W-concave is just extended towards the tail. In Tub concave, the rail extends at a sharp angle and in Asymmetrical concave rails rise at a different angle.

Flat shaped skateboards mean boards without concave which is almost rare now and it is an old model of the skateboard. So many of us think that concave is helpful in flipping the board and it takes sliding and drifting to a new level.

It may have some influence on performing these tricks, but there is no better and worse board considering shapes. The most important thing to consider is your preference.

Powell Golden Dragon Flying Dragon Complete Skateboard – Best Overall


While you are expecting the best ride at a reasonable price, Powell golden dragon flying dragon complete skateboard is the best option. It is manufactured by Powell Peralta Company which has a remarkable reputation for producing skateboard from 1978. 

The board is suitable for beginners to advanced users. Glide and control of the board made it capable of doing tricks and functionally best for any rider. The board is manufactured in China.


The most interesting part of the Powell Golden Dragon

Board is its deck which has a polymeric strap layer. The strap will protect the deck from crack and from breaking down into pieces. Grip tape is also adjusted on the deck.

The skateboard has unique and amazing graphics on the top of the deck while the bottom is simple & screen printed. The concave-shaped deck has a length of 31.625 with 7.625 inches wide. The board has some remarkable graphical appearance like long Asian dragons, subtle dragon design and also the cartoon based designs.

The board has high cast and high round polyurethane wheels which ensures a smooth roll and grip. It has 7.625 inches trucks and the product dimension is 31.4×8.6×4.7 inches.

  • Affordable price based on quality
  • Attractive graphics and cool shape
  • Best suited for beginners and adults
  • Sturdy and smooth wheels to roll and grip
  • Strap on deck and quality material made it durable, fast and stable to ride.
  • Wheel’s hardness seems difficult to roll over stones
  • Sometimes taking turns is not an easy task in this board

Final view:

Powell Peralta has a good record of producing great skateboards and Powell Golden Dragon Complete skateboard maintains the same. Except for the hardness of wheels which can be a bit tricky to roll over pebbles and stones, this is the best board in the market and perfect for beginners and experienced riders.

2. PUENTE 31 Inch complete Skateboard – Best for beginners

PUENTE 31 inch Complete Skateboards

With the theme of creation, challenge and transcendence, PUENTE, a brand of Chile, introduced high quality and versatile skateboard at a favorable price. The PUNETE 31 inch complete skateboard will provide freedom of movement and excellent performance.

This board will be helpful for children and adolescents to grow up healthily. It is the best skateboard for beginners and also for professionals.


PUNETE has developed an extremely durable maple deck of 7ply maple wood which is flexible and safe to ride. The epoxy glue of the grip tape makes it smooth and stable. The nice grippy top of the deck offers a variety of designs. Creative and gorgeous thermal transfer pattern would be better for teenagers and adults.

The double cocktail concave part of the deck makes it easy to control and to do tricks. The product dimension is 31x8x4 inches. The 31-inch long deck is handy for doing tricks, slides, flips, and to pull off. It turned to the wear-resistant and compression-resistant product as it has anti-shock hard 95A PU wheels and ABEC-9 bearings.

The wheel diameter is 53mm X 32mm. If also features 95A PU soft PU bushings and strong magnalium trucks. 5 inches trucks are settled with the 8-inch sturdy board to match with your skating style and to make it comfortable. The board will support the maximum load of 300 pounds.

  • versatile use
  • It supports a weight of 300 pounds
  • Full cover grip tape ensures the rider’s safety
  • Concave design made it smooth to ride and easy to control
  • 7ply Canadian maple wood and epoxy glue made it durable and safe to use
  • Grip tape seems less durable

Final view:

Pre-assembled PUENETE 31 inch complete skateboard is, considerably, the best skateboard for a beginner. Better controlling capacity and high-quality components make it suitable for complex roads and flexible to ride on.

3. Markapa 22” Complete Skateboard – Best for kids


Markapa comes with a new generation of riding which Facilitates light, colorful and convenient ride. Undoubtedly, Markapa’s 22” complete skateboard is the coolest option for kids.

The colorful LED light wheels with nice design give it an interesting outlook suited for children to teenagers. The mini cruiser is easy to learn and all can play and enjoy its ride.


Fully assembled Markapa skateboard has a 22-inch long deck with a 7-inch width. The mini deck of the cruiser is, actually, manufactured as PP plastic single kick board built with high-quality Polyurethane material.

Various designs and colors of the deck are equipped with 60mm X 40mm PU wheels of 78A which has super shock absorption ability with nice abrasion resistance, great grip, and more comfort. The wheelbase is adjusted with a V-shaped truck and 3.2” heavy-duty high quality ABEC-7 aluminum bearings.

The skateboard can load weight of 180lbs (82kg). However, the most interesting part of the cruiser is the LED wheels which do not require any battery or charge. Wheels generate power through rotation and it might not work in case of being too loose.

  • Pre-assembled design
  • Color variations of the deck
  • Best for kids and teenagers
  • shock absorption ability and comfortable grip
  • Attractive LED lights which do not need any battery or charge
  • Drawbacks are found in few products
  • It seems a bit costly though it is affordable

Final view:

The colorful deck and the multi-colored LED lights are the most interesting part of Markapa 22’’ complete skateboard. So, it is the best option for kids available in the market to help them learn the basic tricks of skateboarding.

4. ANCHEER 27” Cruiser Skateboard – Best for cruising


If you are in search of a well-designed, youth-friendly, simple and smart looking skateboard, Ancheer 27” cruiser is the best-suited one for you. The classical cruiser is easy to learn. It is a compact street board which is a better option for the beginner and the professionals. Anyone would love it to do the competition, rug, and play. 


Ancheer 27 inch cruiser skateboard complete is made of high density 9 layers Canadian maple which deck is 27 inches long and 8 inches wide. The maple wood construction is much more stable than plastic boards. Kids and adults of a maximum of 220lbs (100kg) can use it.

The durable deck has colorful patterns that make a good grip. With the sturdy deck, the 60mm double row anti-shock super smooth 85A PU wheels are adjusted. ABEC-7 precision high-speed stainless steel bearings are settled on the wheelbase with solid aluminum trucks.

Last but not least, the super-soft bushings are equipped to make your rides smooth over cracks, bumps in the streets, sidewalks, ramps, pools, and other rough surfaces., 

  • Smooth ride on different surfaces
  • It maintains the classical style of cruisers
  • Simple, smart and pattern design suits all
  • Solid aluminum trucks, soft bushings, and high-speed bearings
  • 9 layer Canadian maple woods make it much strong and durable
  • Trucks need a bit loosening to enjoy smooth riding speed

Final view:

The fully assembled appearance of Anceer cruiser made it ready to go right out of the box. It is a really enjoyable option for beginners and masters to skate over any surface. The spacious flat nose and kicktail are also supportive to advance skate tricks and it seems to be one of the best cruisers on the market.

5. POSITIV Team Complete Skateboard – Smooth Riding


Positiv has an impressive reputation for manufacturing high-quality skateboards. Following brand record, the POSITIV team complete skateboard ensures the updated form and functionality of the skateboard with charming features.

The board reflects demanding specification skateboard while the team Positiv has super famed manufacturers like Andy Macdonald, Rodney Jones, and Carlos De Andrade. The board is suitable for beginners as well as masters as it facilitates smooth rides.


The most appreciated part of the board is the pattern and quality of the deck. The deck is constructed with the maple wood in which waterproof glue is used in Airlam fuses multiple piles of wood. The waterproof glue keeps the moisture away from the layer space of woods and it makes the skateboard highly durable.

This board has black and blue patterned unique designs. The w-concave shape of the board is an interesting side of the board which provides better tricks and performance facilities. 54mm X 37mm 99A Positive super-high rebound wheels have a good grip to move smoothly on different surfaces. Large wheels provide easy ride and control services as well as stability. 7.625 inches Positiv trucks are adjusted on the board with Minilogo bearings.

  • Easy to ride and control
  • High-quality materials are used
  • Unique aesthetic outlook and pattern design
  • Concave deck for better tricks and performance
  • 99A high-rebound wheels for better stability and control
  • The price is a bit high
  • Some complements are found against the trucks and bearings

Final view:

Unique features and market-based specifications take the board to a level of appreciation and popularity. Positiv also presented its creative effort on this product. It suggested being used in parks and streets. However, the trucks and bearings are expected to be of better quality.

6. Minority 32-inch Complete Skateboard – Best for tricks


The Minority has developed a product of top-notch materials maintaining the trend of classic skate park skateboard. It is an outstanding board for those who love tricks, pulling off and curved out turns.

For beginners, it initiates learning basic skills. Turning the accuracy and responsiveness of the board will be appreciated by the riders. It will give you freedom of riding and doing some railing and stairs.


The deck of the board got much of its focus for the reason of artistic work and for sturdy, durable and sustainable appearance. 32 X 8 inches maple cold pressed deck maintained concave shape and adjusted with the methanol free epoxy glue.

Wood and glue are environmentally beneficial and healthy. The durable bottom graphics and various artworks reflect the idea of designers from different cultures and tastes of different riders.

The concave-shaped deck has a kick tail and nose to do tricks like quick flip, heelflip, kickflip and perfect for street riding. The deck will support a weight of 220lbs.

Genuine aluminum alloy cast 5 inches trucks are equipped with carbon steel kingpin an 78A high rebound PU bushings which make the wheelbase strong enough to facilitate tricks.

Chrome steel forged ABEC-9 precision bearings are placed with 52mm 102A PU wheels which will accelerate your speed as well as your tricks. 

  • Artistic, sturdy and durable
  • Amazing option for performing tricks
  • Environmentally beneficial and healthy
  • Creative and gorgeous designs and artworks
  • Large wheels and bearings to get increased speed
  • Some complements were found against bearings and bushings
  • It may be not easy for kids and the beginners to control the speed

Final view:

The Minority 32 inches skateboard has tried to support rider’s choice as much as possible and it has presented the best combination of high-quality materials.

Besides, the board passed the maneuverability test on streets, ramps, and pools. Hopefully, it will give the best skateboarding experience to any level of user. 

7. Punisher Skateboard 9001 Cherry blossom – Best for girls


An impressive and sweet selection for girls can be Punisher Skateboard 9001 Cherry blossom for its colorful and aesthetic design. Following punisher tradition of producing bright, colorful and gorgeous skateboard, the Punisher cherry blossom complete skateboard has the same uniqueness of colors.

It also adjusted easy controlling capability which seems a swift option for girls. High-quality cherry blossom skateboard is also for beginners to advanced riders.


The Punisher complete high-quality double kickboard skateboard has a mild concave deck. The deck is about 31.5 inches long and 7.75 inches wide which is made from Canadian Maple wood.

The unique deck shape withstands more than 200 pounds weight and it has an intricate printed design. The dual concave and double kick board shape support the best positioning and ultimate control for tricks and stunts.

Besides, on the other side of cherry blossom graphics, heavy-duty skateboard 80AB grip tape is used to ultimate traction of feet on the deck and to ensure best controlling. The superior control ability also facilitates smooth riding, swift turning and applying tricks.

The board features heavy-duty 5-inch Punisher trucks painted metallic red. It also includes Punisher ABEC-7 high-speed bearings and 54mm X 36mm polyurethane white ivory wheels with fully color graphics.

This fully assembled skateboard also adjusted printed cushions and skateboard riser pads. 

  • colorful and aesthetic design
  • Sturdy and durable maple deck
  • High-quality grip tape for more control and precision
  • Easy to control, smooth-riding and good turning ability
  • The double concave shape supports better positioning, tricks, and stunts
  • Some boards have drawbacks
  • Bearings might need replacement

Final view:

The stunning Punisher skateboard with high-quality components is going to be a convenient option for you. It would be a better choice for girls of all ages and both beginners and advanced users can buy it. Hopefully, you will enjoy the ride and easy control facility with few tricks.

8. RockBirds Skateboards 31” Pro Complete Skateboard – Best for beginner adults


As a highly reviewed and high rated skateboard, Rockbirds Skateboard 31” Pro complete skateboard already covered a good reputation in the market. It turns into an expensive board because of its quality.

The sturdy and stunning designed board is a better selection for adult skaters who are beginner level. Beginners will get more space to set their foot and to ride comfortably and advanced users can master tricks too.


The appearance and activity of Rockbirds 31” pro complete skateboard are suitable for long-distance riding. 7 layer Canadian maple wood construction of the board makes it stable and durable.

The deck measures 31 inches long and 8 inches wide. Still, it is a lightweight board but it can withstand the weight of a maximum 300kg. For safety, the board has high-density emery non-slip and waterproof surface.

With 80AB high-quality grip tape it also balanced high-quality components like 5-inch alloy trucks which are custom painted. It also includes 56mm 95A punisher polyurethane skateboard wheels for a super smooth ride.

ABEC-7 high-speed punisher bearings are settled with riser pads and PU cushions. Impact resistance ABS material base is used to provide easy and smooth ride over different surfaces.

Pre-assembled Rockbirds ensures trouble-free rides and better for practicing techniques and tricks. The rider will also have a skateboard bag to carry the board and a wrench (tool) to adjust trucks and wheels.

  • Sturdy and fashionable design
  • Durable, stable and lightweight deck
  • Pre-assembled and support weight up to 300kg
  • An easy option for beginner adults and also for advanced riders
  • Impact resistance material base with the wheels ensures a smooth ride
  • The board seems a bit expensive
  • Trucks demand re-adjustment for a smooth ride
  • The bearings and bushings are problematic in some cases

Final view:

Rockbirds pro skateboard suits adults most especially the beginner for learning the basics of skateboarding. The fashionable and quality outlook promotes the fast, easy and smooth ride. The grip is the most attractive part of the board. Getting it, you will feel that the expense is worthy enough. 

9. KPC Pro Skateboard Complete – Best cheap skateboard


The KPC series pro skateboards were manufactured by the Krown brand which has a long record of producing high-quality boards and they also produce skateboards, longboards, helmets, pads and even tools. Interestingly, Krown always tries to launch products at a reasonable price.

So, if you are looking for a stiff, smart and quality designed skateboard at a reasonable price, then KPC pro skateboard complete can be a worthy selection for you.

This board is suggested for beginner and professional users but it mostly suited beginners as it can be used for learning and mastering tricks. 


The KPC pro skateboard complete is a lightweight board that is made of Canadian maple wood. It has a stiff deck which is about 32 inches long and 7.75 inches wide.

The KPC series is an upgraded form of rookies that is wider, stronger and better at skating. Modern concave feature of the board makes it comfortable and more pop making. You can also choose your favorite color of the board from a variety of color combinations.

Grip tape is also set on the board for proper traction and grip on your feet. Professionally assembled KPC board is ready to ride straight out of the box. Black coated heavy-duty 5.0 aluminum trucks are used with the company made 52mm Krown graphics 99A high-rebound urethane wheels.

This skateboard also includes ABEC-7 bearings, high tensile Philips head mounting hardware and 80 grit black grip tape. 

  • Easy to ride and control
  • Available at a reasonable price
  • The grip tape made it stable and grippe
  • A better choice for learning and master tricks
  • Sturdy and stiff deck can withstand 200lbs weight
  • Grip tape tears
  • Bushing and bearing deserves more quality

Final view:

To get a reliable color option and to maintain a worthy selection at a limited budget, you should go for KPC series options of Krown. KPC pro skateboard complete is really will give you a less bumpy ride with exact shape to do tricks and stunts. Still, you have a better option for a higher budget. 

10.Landwalker Pro Cruiser – Best for fun


Enjoy your fun time and move into your imagination of colors if you are intended to take Landwalker pro cruiser complete girl skateboard. Exactly, girls are imaginative and this board inspires it to have some fun and cool combination of colors for girls. The fully assembled board comes in a cheap budget with some amazing features.


The Landwalker pro cruiser is manufactured with some sturdy components. 8 layer maple construction of the deck is of high density and stability than plastic boards.

This high-quality double-kick skateboard is 31 inches long and 8 inches wide. For safe riding, the board has high-density non-slip deck. Besides, the dual concave and double kick design of the board ensures your feet have the best positioning to ride swiftly and control easily at the time of tricks and stunts.

The bottom of the deck has a printed pattern, designed with a heat press machine. It has a green cover and alternative panda design option while the board is a reflection of your personality.

This board can withstand the weight of 220lbs. The land walker maintained a balance between price and quality of components. The board provides super smooth 52mm 95A PU wheels adjusted with super soft PU bushings.

The adjustment also involves a 5-inch seagull solid aluminum truck and base with ABEC-7 precision high-speed stainless alloy bearings. These components made the skateboard easy to operate, turn and control. 

  • 52mm 95A wheels support smooth cruising
  • The lightweight and durable skateboard deck
  • The components support a maximum weight of 220lbs
  • Attractive, bright and sweet design suits girls personality
  • Double kick and duel concave deck for better feet positioning and easy control
  • Designed for girls only
  • Not a better option for tricks
  • Harder wheels and bearings might need replacement

Final view:

As it is manufactured for girls, it is designed to present the demands of their personality time with cool color combinations. It costs a reasonable price as well though it ensures high-quality components.

  • Safety Factors to keep in mind

Skateboarding is a fun, enjoyable and healthy sport. However, your passion for skateboarding may fall into risks because of simple and also for major injuries.

As in skateboarding, you have to move fast on a hard surface, getting injuries are a bit common for kids and beginners. Experience users may have injuries too in case of trying tricks and flips or for the speed.

Inexperience injuries basically caused by falls. Lack of safety equipment also causes injuries. Stumble on slopes and rough surface and risky trials also cause injuries.

Skateboarding injuries basically involve the wrist, ankle, face, arm, and head. A wrist fracture is a common type of injury and injures on arms, legs and neck cause sprains, strains, fracture, and dislocations. Breaking nose and jawbone can happen in facial injuries. One can get permanent impairment or even death injuries for the cause of fewer safeguards. 

So, the most important point is to practice skateboarding safely by using your protective equipment to reduce and avoid injury. Inspect the skateboard before every ride. Repair the problems before ride. Beginners should learn the basics like stopping while necessary, slowing and turning techniques before random practice. Experienced users should avoid rough rides and tricks.

FAQS about Best Skateboards

  • What is the most popular Skateboard brand?

Buyers of skateboard whether he is a beginner or a master always have an interest in the best skateboard brand. You cannot be specific in determining a brand as best in the competitive market of the skateboard. A large number of brands are available with huge amount of skateboard variation.

So, we wish to share some popular skateboard brands with you. The list of most popular brands is made on specialties, price range, and quality. The most popular skateboard brands in the market are:

  1. Enkeeo
  2. Powell-Peralta
  3. Rimable
  4. Quest
  5. Element
  6. Merkapa
  7. Minority
  8. KPC
  9. Skatro
  10. Cal 7
  11. Baker
  12. Krown
  13. Palace
  14. Santa Cruz
  15. Polar 
  • How much does a good skateboard cost?

 A good skateboard setup will cost around $170. The price of skateboard setup will change based on the accessories you choose for setup.  Skateboard decks range $15 to upwards of $100, bearings will cost $10 to $120, and Wheels have a price range of $14 to $40 and trucks from $25 to $65. 

  • What skateboard size should I get?

Each skateboard has size variation. While you consider the deck size, the issue of length and wide come forward. In such a point, experts complement is that a beginner should focus on choosing the deck size based on width not by length.

Still, much of your selection is dependent on your height, weight, skating style and relevant ideas as the expectation and ability of each person are not the same. However, we suggest, kids should get deck width of 6.25 to 7 inches, for teenagers the range is 7” to 7.6 inches and for adults it can be more adjustable inches. 

  • How long does a skateboard last?

For beginners or new users of a skateboard and who don’t know much about riding and who rides only, the skateboard may last for almost a year. Actually, it depends mostly on the user and the skateboard quality. Skateboards have load ability which varies on each of the products.

For seasonal users, the board can last any amount of time which can be short or long. For experienced users, it ultimately depends on the way users use the board. Still, a board can be used for a long time by replacing necessary components if the board does not break. 

  • What size skateboard should a girl get?

Basically the size of the skateboard for anyone is dependent on its user whether it is a girl or a boy. The height and weight of the user and in some cases the age matters in the selection of suitable skateboard.

However, the standard recommended size is 7.5 inches wide with a length range of 28 inches to 32 inches. The width of the board helps the rider in maintaining stability and control. So, before getting one for you have some trials to trace out the most suited one.

  • Conclusion:

Before going to buy a new skateboard, it is a good idea to learn the basics of skateboards. In skateboarding, the skateboard is everything and you have to find out the best one for you. So, learn few details of skateboards first like a component of skateboard, materials, sizes, and shapes as well.

Learn a bit about the construction of skateboard, and then you may have a formative idea of the skateboard. It will help you select the best skateboard for you. In selection, have some trials and find out which one seems much comfortable to you. Focus on the comfortability most than the graphics. Sometimes graphics lead to the wrong choice.

Last but not least, you have our options too and review the specifications and products that are recommended for you here. Hope, you will get your best skateboard.