9 Best Skateboard For Kids 2020 (Expert’s choice)

Skateboarding is one of the most volatile sports out there. If done right, you can extract the most fun out of this sport. Kids and adults love this sport as it easily gives you the power of balance, precision, and flexibility.

But Choosing the best skateboard for kids is not an easy task! especially when coming from online it will be little bit confusing! You will find many options to choose your best one. That’s why its a tough task.

Here we have selected some cool skateboards for kids, especially with their pros, cons and our opinion. In addition, we’ve thrown in some extra info about skateboards for your convenience, along with the FAQ section. So let’s get into it!


1. Merkapa 22” Skateboards (BEST GIFT FOR KIDS)

Merkapa 22'' Skateboards

Having a high-quality plastic deck, the highlight of this Merkapa skateboard is the colorful LED wheels. It’s very fun to ride and looks really bright while your kid is skating around on it. This board can also load up to 180 pounds – very convenient even for teens and adults! The ABEC-7 bearings are ideal for a kid’s skateboard, being comparatively better than most! Of course, the board’s design is unisex and it comes in 6 colors! It can be used by beginners to get into the sport.


  • high-quality PP deck
  • 22 Inches x 6 Inches board
  • ABEC-7 bearings
  • 60*45mm PU wheel 78A durometer
  • max load 180 lbs
  • LED wheels that (i) light up (ii) doesn’t need charge (iii) comes without batteries
  • trucks 3.2-Inch aluminum
  • comes in 6 colors


  • shock-absorbent wheels
  • great visibility at night
  • good grip on the board
  • sturdy and durable
  • sturdy and durable
  • high-end graphics


  • wheels need adjusting
  • the board may incur wheelbite if wheels aren’t loosened
  • cannot support adult weight

Our Opinion

 When you look at the disadvantages of Merkapa boards, it’s really obvious that this skateboard is for kids and teens. The board can be slim for adults or teens, but not for kids. With a few adjustments to the wheels, your kid can ride as the wheels light up. These skateboards are strong enough to last long with cool graphics on the deck! This is definitely the best present ever to give your kid!

2. Skitch Premium Skateboard

Skitch Premium Skateboard

Skitch premium skateboard’s deck is made of plastic material that is 22 inches long. Its bushings are smooth and help the wheels to glide easily. You can even take the whole board apart and put it back together with the Skitch skate tool that’s provided. In other words, this board is highly customizable! Carry your sweet ride just in the given backpack!


  • plastic boards
  • 22 Inches deck
  • age limit 4-13 years
  • smooth bushings
  • Skitch skate tool
  • comes with backpack
  • high traction wheels


  • easy to carry
  • Great carving
  • Great at sharp turns
  • lightweight transportation


  • too narrow
  • No lips for braking
  • unsuitable for child beginners

Our Opinion

Skitch premium skateboard can be unstable at times, so it’s not very suitable for child beginners. Teens can use this as beginners and carve around the neighborhood to have some fun! Though braking can be hard with this particular board, its lightweight makes it suitable for sharp turns. 

3. PlayWheels Ultimate Spider

PlayWheels Ultimate Spider

This skateboard is designed to make your kids love it! The Spiderman theme on the single kick design board really excites the children, whereas the 21 Inches Long and 6 Inches width is more than enough space for feet, helping your child to stay on the board. 


  • 9ply maple deck
  • 21 x 6 Inches
  • 50*27mm PVC wheels
  • single kicktail design
  • max load 100 lbs
  • steel axle and composite trucks
  • recommended for ages 5-10
  • Spiderman graphics


  • sturdy for kids
  • good grip
  • safe for less wheel rollability


  • nuts might need loosening
  • low-grade bearing
  • tough plastic wrapping

Our Opinion

The PlayWheels Ultimate Spider skateboard is great to cruise on for beginners from ages 5 to 10. We’d suggest changing the bearings and wheels as they are of mediocre quality. The wheels don’t glide smoothly, as a result of which, it can be dangerous. Other than that, the sturdy board provides a good grip on feet due to the surface.


4. MEKETEC Skateboards Complete

Vibrant and durable, Meketic skateboards are single kickboards that weigh about 3.8 pounds. You can use this cruiser board to cruise down streets, regardless of your skill level in skateboarding. You will get lots of enjoyment with its smooth rollability of its wheels and stability for its casters.


  • 22 x 6 Inches deck
  • flexible and sturdy Polypropylene
  • board weight 3.8 pounds
  • single kickboard design
  • 60*45mm PU wheel 78A
  • 3.25-inch trucks
  • ABEC-7 bearings
  • max supporting weight 200 lbs


  • good rollability of wheels
  • durable board
  • great board
  • comes in vibrant colors
  • the board comes with 4 smooth casters


  • thin trucks
  • low-quality bearings
  • too narrow

Our Opinion

Though the board may be durable, we frankly think that it is too narrow. The colors may differ in the provided pictures, but admittedly they are vibrant! It is a great board to ride on, but we only recommend it for intermediate level skateboard riders. It’s a great holiday present for kids and adults!

5. MORFBOARD Skateboard

MORFBOARD Skateboard

The MORFBOARD skateboard is a very different kind of skateboard, that can be turned into a scooter! So you can say that it is a transformable skateboard, as it comes with a T-bar with easy setups! In addition, you can get your kids more extensions of this board. The board has ABEC-5 bearings, and wheels that aren’t too big.


  • max supporting weight 150lbs (68kgs)
  • Inset lever brake for safety
  • alloy trucks
  • 53 mm Urethane Wheels 
  • ABEC-5 ball bearings
  • comes in 5 colors


  • 2 in 1 
  • great for active kids
  • doesn’t need coordination and balance
  • transformability 
  • great skateboard


  • stiff turns
  • bad extension scooter 
  • poor quality
  • bad rollability of wheels

Our Opinion

The MORFBOARD skateboard provided is not good enough to be performing tricks on it. It’s only good to skate with, the quality of it allows no more than that. Whilst the T-bar is grippy, it is also of bad quality. So basically, the durability of this board depends on your use of it. Don’t expect it to last a year, but the fun it will provide your kid is totally worth the price!

6. Hikole Skateboard

Hikole Skateboard

Double kickboard means that the ends of the board are pointy. Hikole skateboard is a double kickboard, with 9 layers of maple wood. It’s a noticeably bigger board for kids and adults, and its black grip tape is of good quality. Grip tape is a kind of sandpaper used on the board for riders to keep their footing firm. With its good bearings, this board is suitable for anyone to perform pro stunts and the like.


  • 9-Ply Canadian Maple deck
  • 31 Inches x 8 Inches boards
  • 55mm 85A PU wheels
  • max loading weight 220lbs (100kgs)
  • ABEC-7 bearings


  • great for beginners
  • can pick up speed
  • comes fully assembled
  • suitable to perform pro tricks
  • suitable for anyone above 5 years


  • mediocre bearings
  • unstable on bumps and cracks
  • wheels too small
  • shortboard

Our Opinion

As the wheels are too small, the board seems to be unable to stabilize on cracks and rocks. The board size is perfect for kids but can be short for adults, depending on their size. But an important factor is that this board can go very fast and can withstand beginner’s falls! 


7. Rimable Professional Manufacturer of Skateboard

Rimable Professional Manufacturer of Skateboard

Having awesome bearings, Rimable plastic board can support up to 90kgs. The 78A wheels provide quality riding experience you shouldn’t miss out on! The board also has 70s style designs that make it even more attractive.


  • 22 Inches x 6 Inches deck
  • 3.25 Inches wide aluminum Trucks 
  • 59mm 78A Urethane  wheels
  • stainless steel bearings
  • 70’s style plastic
  • max supporting weight 198 lbs (90 kgs)


  • great for beginners
  • flexible deck
  • smooth wheels
  • lightweight and durable
  • thick tires
  • glides easily


  • maybe too flexible
  • mediocre trucks
  • the design may chip easily

Our Opinion

The deck may get scratched pretty easily, but it can be fast. The downside of it is that if you don’t go fast enough, you might lose your balance. The elasticity of the deck makes it very flexible, so you can ride in perfect comfort and skate around your city. 

8. ChromeWheels 31 inch Skateboard

ChromeWheels 31 inch Skateboard

ChromeWheels skateboard is made of 8 ply maple wood, which can support up to 220 lbs. Its ends are pointy, with slight concavity design – making it an ideal board to ride on with dependable weight and height. Now coming to the topic of wheels, this skateboard has good PU wheels with the usual ABEC-7 bearings. 


  • 8 layer maple wood deck
  • 31 Inches x 5 Inches 
  • double kick concave design
  • 50mm x 36mm PU wheels
  • high-performance wheel trucks
  • soft PU bushings
  • ABEC-7 bearings
  • max supporting weight 220 lbs


  • shock absorbent wheels
  • easy to carry (comes with a bag)
  • good trucks
  • strong board


  • bad rollability of wheels
  • bad graphics

Our Opinion

You get a free carrying bag with the skateboard from ChromeWheels. Braking is easy with this durable board, as the material of its deck is of good quality. The anti-shock wheels are safer to roll on and skate to your heart’s content! The price of this board definitely gives you a good deal.

9. WiiSHAM Skateboards Pro

WiiSHAM Skateboards Pro

WiiSHAM skateboards are decent ones, we tell you. The deck of 7 layers of maple and the irresistible ABEC-9 bearings is no joke. The wheels can carry you very far if you cruise on them. They can also take some turns and some carving. The board is big enough for kids and teens, but some adults might find it difficult to fit their footing on it.


  • 7 layer maple deck
  • 31 Inches x 8 Inches board
  • 54mm x 37mm wheels
  • ABEC-9 bearings.


  • great bearings
  • great to ride
  • suitable for long-distance rides
  • very decent skateboard


  • stiff wheels
  • trucks too tight

Our Opinion

WiiSHAM boards have limited designs and they’re great to ride. You might need to oil the trucks and loosen them up when you get a hold of your skateboard. Moreover, don’t forget to check the rollability of the wheels and fix the stiffness. Once you’re satisfied, let your kid take out for a ride and enjoy the art of skating!


There are many types of skateboards, among which you might want to know the difference.  So we’ve taken care to describe the most common ones below:

1. Penny boards: A type of skateboard with the limited purpose, penny boards are light and are not much different from skateboards. They are smaller in size, so you can carry them anywhere! You can let your kids use penny boards for commutation as that’s the most convenient use of them. But we’d say that penny boards are made of plastic, and plastic boards are not safe. PERIOD. They are less stable and more dangerous, as you can lose your footing on a plastic board were you to ride around in the rain or so.

2. Shortboards: These are the boards that have symmetrical nose and tail and rounded wheels. They are small like penny boards, but can also be used for trick skating. The shape of these boards is the same on the back and the front which is why weight can affect centrifugal force, resulting in more speed.

3. Longboards: A longboard is another type of skateboard that is longer and bigger in size. It is more stable than a skateboard and is suitable to ride longer distances as it can cover many miles. Longboards are less volatile than skateboards, rendering them more reliable and easier for beginners. These are also very fast and can be super smooth in taking tight turns. There are many types of longboards as well, in accordance with the riding styles. But they’re not as flexible as skateboards to perform tricks with as they are heavier. Longboards are widely preferred than skateboards due to their types, stability, and size.

4. Cruiser boards: Very much suitable for carving, cruise boards are wider than normal skateboards. And they’re also easy to ride on along with going at high speed. These boards are fun! Carving in style is the cruiser board’s most wanted advantage. These boards have a tail that makes it more convenient to cruise around on them. But keep in mind that any board can be used for skating! Typical cruisers like these boards for their design and cruising advantages.


Trucks: Trucks act as the joint of the deck with the wheels. These metal pieces are of two kinds. Traditional kingpin trucks and Reverse kingpin trucks. The latter is recommended for beginners as they are more versatile and could guarantee a smooth ride, whereas, the former are generally found on longboards. These greatly contribute to the riding experience that a board can provide. Loose or too tight trucks can hamper a fun ride, and can even be dangerous.

Wheels: All skateboards are based on wheels that are made of polyurethane. There are two kinds of these: big wheels and small wheels.

Pros of big wheels:

  • they easily roll over debris and bumps
  • have great contact with the ground 
  • provides good grip
  • good at picking up speed


  • not very progressive
  • may leave wheel bites on the board

Pros of small wheels:

  • slide faster than big wheels
  • have fast acceleration


  • wear down faster than the other kind
  • take more pressure

Their hardness or softness, in other words, durometer, is also an important point worth consideration. Most skateboard wheels are around 78A to 85A durometer, where wheels with 78A durometer would not be as hard as those with an 85A durometer. All this is also relevant to the grip the wheels have over a variety of surfaces. The rougher the surface, the lesser the grip. But that’s only in the case of hard wheels, softer wheels are more grippy on rough surfaces.

Bushings: The supportive rings that are fixed at the center of your trucks are called bushings. There are two bushings per truck on skateboards and longboards. Bushings have a durometer too, which ranges from 60A to 100A. The higher the number, the more the hardness. 

It’s amazing that such small components of the boards proportionately determine the stability and turning capacity. This is the general information about bushings. You should experiment on what works for you. Try out new stuff and see what makes you feel best. Bring out the best experience from your skateboard with this info!

Bearings: These are tiny steel balls that make the wheels of a skateboard go round and spin faster or slower, depending on the quality. But we measure the quality (durability and level of precision) of the bearings based on ABEC scale. If the ABEC rating is higher, that just means the bearing is more accurate and precise. ABEC ratings start and go on with the odd numbers 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 and 11. The ideal ABEC rating is either 5 or 7.

Deck: Decks are made of 7 to 10 layers of bamboo or maple wood. Bamboos are more expensive and you should know that it takes more time to manufacture bamboo boards. Contrarily, maple wood is less costly and can be manufactured with ease, which makes them more environment-friendly. So keep an eye out for the material of the deck.

Decks are the most important component of a skateboard, but the good news is that they’re also replaceable! Decks can wear out with use and time or have wheelbases. You should choose firm and heavy boards for durability rather than flexible and lightweight ones.


There is a lot to gain when you or your kids learn to ride a skateboard. These are directly related to your health and do not worry! Skateboarding has a lot to provide to your mind and body!

1. Flexibility:

Skateboarding demands a lot from one’s body. While it seems really easy when the pros do it, let us tell you that it is not. It takes a lot of factors to balance yourself on a skateboard, let alone maneuvering. So the most important thing your kids learn when they get into skateboarding is being flexible enough to balance themselves on a skateboard. The more flexible they are, the better they can control their skateboard. And that’s a very important skill to have!

2. Avoiding falls:

As your kid learns to balance himself/herself with some required little trials, skateboarding teaches them to avoid falling and take control of their body against gravity. Practicing can improve their flexibility as well as teach them to take and avoid falls. This is a notable quality as regards to other sports as well.

3. Physical endurance:

Requiring a lot of energy, skateboarding comes with many physical benefits. Tiring though it may be, the fun it provides releases a good amount of endorphins in your brain. So it gets addictive and those who can skate do it more, which in turn increases their stamina. In athletics, physical endurance is an impactful factor.

4. Precision:

Skateboarding is vastly connected with tricky moves and styles. These particular maneuvers require precisions. The leaning, weight shifting, legwork, muscle memory, body’s flexibility – all of these work towards the point of performing a trick that needs a special moment of precision. This can definitely be seen as an advantage.

5. Enhances coordination:

This fun sport also demands your child to improvise their vision, arms and legs, bending and shifting weight, which leads to their improved balance on a skateboard. This is called coordination. Coordination between the senses and the body is a basic skill in life, say, to learn driving and the like. That’s how skateboarding is a really useful sport!

6. Stress relief:

We know that playing can boost our mental health. Likewise, skateboarding can take off mental pressure from your children! As it is a form of exercise other than being a sport,  any stress your child is facing can be taken off once they enjoy riding skateboards. A physical exercise is a great form of stress relief, so is skateboarding!

7. Means of transportation:

Children can commute to their schools or colleges with skateboards! This saves a lot of time and money and adds an extra layer of fun to the mundanity of academics. In fact, it is also used as a vehicle by many adults to commute to their work! Why not get a skateboard and have some fun?

8. Promotes creativity:

Skateboarding is an art. It is a sport that lets you move and perform your own tricks in your own style. The more you can let your body control the skateboard, the better grasp to have of the motion against gravity. Hence the creativity in riding a skateboard. It can truly be a magnificent experience when you discover or learn a new move with your skateboard!

9. Hones athletic skills:

Limbs movement, the flexibility of body, increased stamina, muscle memory, all of this is important in many other sports. These are amazing skill sets to be good at sports. As a result, riding skateboards can really hone your child’s athletic skills.

10. Health benefits:

The type of sport that skateboarding is can render your child skilled and energized. Because this sport can keep your child’s mind fresh and clear, along with keeping their body fit and athletic. This, in turn, can be a good cause of avoiding many diseases and physical problems!

The mentioned advantages your child will have of riding a skateboard cannot be ignored! So get your child on a skateboard and let them improve themselves.

Awesome kids skateboarding


1. What type of skateboard should I buy?

A: This mainly depends on the purpose of a skateboard’s purchase. Are you buying it for a kid who would be learning it? Or who already knows their way with skateboards? We’ve already mentioned some particular types of skateboards in the introductory part of this article. You can easily find it above and decide on the type that suits your needs. One mentionable note is to avoid bad plastic boards, if possible because they’re prone to breaking easily.

2. What should my safety concerns be?

A: Kids definitely need adult supervision while riding skateboards. Of course, you should also be aware of the protective sets skateboarders must wear. These are described below:

Wrist guards: These are protective set to save your wrists from bad falls. Wrist guards must be worn if your kid is new to skating, you never know what accidents might befall.

Elbow pads: Make sure the elbow pads are flexible and lightweight. Also check for plastic, because those kids aren’t breathable. Since bulky pads are a nuisance while on the go, you ought to check the correct size and secure fit before investing in a pair! See if they’re protected by those technologies they talk about. Remember to get these along with wrist guards.

Knee pads: A beginner can’t learn longboarding unscathed, that’s not how it works. You’d fall, a lot, you might even scrape your knee badly. This is where knee pads come to the rescue! Find adjustable kneepads that are lightweight, shock absorbent and of good material, since your knees do a lot of work while longboarding.

Helmet: This is the most important protective gear you should have. Look out for these with good airflow, padded chin buckle, and Sweatsaver fabric. Make sure the helmet perfectly fits your child’s head.

Skateboard shoes: You need flat shoes, to be precise, sneakers for skateboarding. Rubber sole, comfort, size are some factors to consider before getting yourself a pair. You’ll thank yourself later!

3. How long does a skateboard last?

A: As we’ve mentioned before, the durability of a skateboard depends on the material and its usage over time. Your skateboard can last years if you replace your decks, trucks, bushings, wheels and other important components of it, once they’re broken or if they affect your skating experience. So it’s totally dependent on you. But we’d suggest you look into good skateboards. Don’t buy them from local because those are just toys of no quality. So invest in good ones if your child really into it.

4. Is the correct board size important for my child?

A: Yes. There are things to be considered for finding the right sized board for your child. The crucial part of this is considering the width of the board. This is regarded in terms of height and weight. Usually 6 to 10 years old kids fit easily on 7-Inches wide decks.

11 to 13 years fit on decks that are wider than 7.3-inches. Furthermore, some teens and adults require boards that are at least 7.5- inches wide or more. So take into consideration the body and height of your child, along with the shoe size.

The board should not be too wide or too narrow for the feet. You should also consider the riding styles and the terrains the board would be gliding on. Taking care of the right size of a skateboard will guarantee a good skating experience for your child.

5. Is there an age limit for skating?

A: Kids as young as 5 and people as old as 60 could skate! There are no certain age restrictions, but kids from 5 to 10 need to be supervised as they skate because it could be fatal without adult supervision. It’s not unusual to see tweens and teens skating like a pro in skateparks. People in their 50s and 60s take skating as a fun sport too! Frankly, healthy and lean bodies are more suitable to skate around the mentioned age. So what are you waiting for? Get skating!

6. Can I teach my child skating with inexpensive boards?

A: It’s best not to. Because the art of skating takes creativity, and to focus on that, a good tool is a must, which is the skateboard. Inexpensive boards can be fatal, due to their quality. They can also shun your child from skating. So to let your child get the best out of this fun sport, we ask you to invest in good boards!

7. Are there any tips for skateboard maintenance?

A: Yes, we have some tips you can follow to make your child’s skateboard durable. Below are some of the ways you can protect your skateboard.

  • Always store your skateboards in a dry place to protect the board. Moisture can damage the quality of the board
  • Replace skateboard parts when they’re not working for you. One cool thing about skateboards is that you can replace any part that’s damaged with proper skate tools.
  • Remember to avoid wet land and rain, because moisture can also rust the metal parts of your board. Not very convenient.
  • You must avoid taking your skateboard out in extreme weather. If you really care about your skateboard, keep it inside when it snows, rains or when it’s too hot. Because weather can affect your skateboards more than you can imagine.
  • You should take care of cleaning the components of your skateboards, such as the bearings every three months. Overuse might require you clean them regularly than mentioned, or they would start to rust.
  • The grip tape on the deck should be clipped once it chips due to use. Or you can replace it with a better grip tape of your liking. Grip tape can make a huge difference in riding experience.
  • Take care of the splinters on the board and the chips that should be sanded down. Or your board will wear out easily. Then a good board would have to be swapped just because of lack of care.


Kid’s skateboards don’t usually last for more than a year if it’s used regularly. Take care of your ride, and take even more care in choosing a skateboard. It can make or break your child’s hopes about skateboarding, so be responsible! The simple happiness and fun from riding a skateboard are immeasurable.