Top 10 Best Longboard Brands in 2020

Recently, there has been a replacement for the older traditional scooters and skateboards which are the amazing and the best fashion in the world of skating in the 90s with newly developed, technologically advanced products called longboards.

This longboard has made life easier either for mobility purposes, fun, daily activities or serious purpose. They perform more activities than the traditional skateboard and scooter because of some advanced features they have. Features such as larger size accommodate and ferry you to any destination along with which you display any kind of style you intend to show on it comfortably and admirably.

To perform all the above activities, it is advisable you get a good product built with optimum quality materials that can resist body weight to make it durable and allow easy movement.

To achieve this, we have brought to you, reliable concise buying guides that will help you to choose products that meet your demand and expectation. And by the end of this article, we hope you will be able to differentiate between the models and brands of Longboards.

Take a quick look at our top 10 best longboards

Retrospec Zed Bamboo Longboard 44 x 9.5 inches220 poundsCheck It Out
Quest QT-NSC44C The Super Cruiser43 x 9 x 44 inches285 poundsCheck It Out
Atom Pin-Tail Longboard 39 x 10 x 4 inchesN/ACheck It Out
GoldCoast Complete Longboard 27 x 7.5 x 15 inches
N/ACheck It Out
Playshion Drop Through Freestyle 39 x 9.1 x 4 inches250 poundsCheck It Out
Loaded Boards Tan Tien Bamboo 39 x 8.75x 27 inches270 poundsCheck It Out
Atom Drop Through41.7 x 4.7 x 10.6 inches280 poundsCheck It Out
Volador Maple Dancing Longboard 46 x 10 x 4 inches250 poundsCheck It Out
MBS All-Terrain Longboard 47.2 x 11.8 x 7.9 inches280 poundsCheck It Out
Sector 9 Aperture Sidewinder 36.0 x 9.0 x 26.375 inches200 poundsCheck It Out

Retrospec – Best Longboards Overall

Retrospec - Zed Bamboo-best Longboard overall
Retrospec Zed Bamboo Longboard Skateboard Complete Cruiser

Retrospec bamboo longboard is designed to allow you to move simply, and show off your skills while touring the city. It does this by making it easy for you to roll with improve mobility and in a pleasant way without denying you your fun.

The longboard is rugged and durable, making it capable of supporting the varying weight of people, as well as the ability to resist any damage that may occur while using it.

This device has an excellent turning radius, so you can move around easily, like from your home to the office. It is made of bamboo and 8 -layers of Canadian maple material to ensure it last for a long time and you will find it suitable for long-distance travel with your friends. Also, the table is robust enough to allow you to practice dancing while riding.

Its cool color design matches the bamboo and maple construction making it a stylish and best longboard that will adjust to your choice of outfits and also make you feel comfortable while riding. Although this item has a robust table design, you’ll find it easy to maneuver.

What makes this device stand out among its peers is its design that offers stability making it safe to ride on the beachside boulevards and streets. The unit consists of 7-inch aluminum trucks that are rugged and light in weight for easy maneuverability.

Also, it is perfect for those looking to get started in skating as it will allow them to acquire technique and balance before taking on advanced tasks.

  • Well designed and offers smooth riding
  • Perfect for beginners for acquiring techniques and balance
  • Made with high-quality materials (bamboo and Canadian maple)
  • Rugged, durable and will withstand people with various weights
  • Has zero flexibility, which makes the deck be stiff
  • The wheel is a bit big causing you to push harder and move slowly

Quest QT-NSC44C Longboard – Best for Beginner

Quest-QT-NSC44C Best longboard for Beginner

Quest QT-NSC44C is made with a beautifully crafted bamboo deck coupled with multi-layers hardwood maple for safe and comfortable performance while you move.

This item is 44 inches long and its table will support people of various weights without any hiccup. Thus, it is perfect for initiation and test for those looking to get started in the world of longboarding.

This longboard incorporates several authentic components to ease your movement and also make it a comfortable and fun-filled, something that you’ll find interesting.

As of the design, it has a dimension of 43 x 9 x 44 inches, weighs below 10 pounds and beautifully designed with abstract graphics to give you an elegant look while cruising around.

This cruiser longboard offers you enough flexibility, making it ideal for moving around safely and easily. It is available in different designs to match the clothes you’re wearing and also comes with wheels that incorporate ABEC 7 speed bearings to ease the stress of pushing as it rolls very well.

However, you’ll need to exert more strength to gain more speed while driving.

In short, this longboard is much simpler to operate as you can easily slow down to avoid catching a lot of flight. You will find it safe for practicing dancing by using your body weights to swing from one side to another while you are moving.

This item isn’t only suitable for beginners, but also perfect for adults that are more experienced in skating.

  • Come preinstalled and simpler to operate for adults
  • Offers smooth riding and will hold up people with various weights
  • Well constructed and will easily match the clothes you’re wearing
  • Extremely sturdy, durable and won’t get damaged with regular use
  • Come with loose trucks that need to be tightened
  • It comes with a dry bearing that needs to be oiled

Atom Pin-Tail Longboard – Best for Girls

Atom Pin-Tail Longboard
Atom Pin-Tail Longboard

Atom Pin-Tail is engineered to provide you with great cruising and ease in movement whenever you want. This longboard is made of maple and bamboo to significantly improve its performance and ensure it is highly resistant to wears that can result from regular use.

It allows you to move smoothly and comfortably on a rough surface without having to worry about your safety.

As regards the wheels, they are 65 mm in diameter and are generally quite soft, and a hardness of 78A to easily absorb vibrations while riding on a rough surface. Also, it incorporates ABEC 5 fast bearings. It has a dimension of 39 x 10 x 4 inches and a weight of 1 pound making it easy to carry around and flexible enough to maintain stability and easily maneuver while you move.

This item not only ensures you move comfortably in a remarkable way but also gives you an elegant and stylish look. The improved comfortable movement while riding is facilitated by ABEC 5 bearings responsible for making your ride safe. It features a colorful design underneath that gives you a stylish look while performing your skills on the streets.

The longboard is ideal for walking and moving on the streets quietly. Before riding this device, ensure that it is in good working condition and the wheels are well adjusted to prevent any form of accident. If you are looking to have a quality longboard, to move daily and perfect your tricks, do not hesitate in purchasing this pin-tail longboard. 

  • Well constructed and highly resistant to regular use
  • Suitable for beginners as it’s smooth and safe to ride
  • Light in weight and easy to carry from one place to another
  • Good wheels, stable and offer enough flexibility for maneuvering
  • Not suitable for heavyweight people
  • Wheel bearings don’t seem to last long

GoldCoast – Best Longboard for Cruising

GoldCoast Skateboard - Complete Longboard
GoldCoast Skateboard – Complete Longboard

GoldCoast skateboard is designed to allow you to surf the streets and have fun while you move. It is made with bamboo and 7 layers of Canadian maple and also features a 26-inch wheelbase to ensure you keep moving at the speed of your choice. This floater shape longboard is quite stable and flexible making it perfect for turning.

What makes this item stands out from among its peers is its quality component and enormous stability. Its wheels design allows you to make sharp turns while moving at a faster speed without damaging the grip. And besides, it is safe and comfortable to ride making it perfect for beginners looking to get started in the world of skating.

The wheels are 70 mm in size coupled with a mounted ABEC 7 bearings and a hardness of 85A for comfortable and smooth riding on rough surfaces. Its weight of 1 pound and a dimension of 44 x 13 x 5 inches allows you to perform almost any skills on this device thanks to its robust design.

It has a quite large length that provides you with enough room to perform many tricks on it while riding. After riding this longboard, you’ll find out it allows you to move around the city with ease. Also, it offers enough flexibility to allow you to jump on it thanks to it being made of Canadian maple wood and bamboo. 

  • Stable and offers enough flexibility
  • Easy to ride and perfect for beginners
  • Light in weight and easy to maneuver
  • Great construction and smooth to ride
  • Come with a flat deck
  • The paint gets chipped off easily

Playshion Longboards – Best for Commuting


Playshion is a multi-function longboard designed for those who are interested in the robustness and flexibility that this device brings. This model provides you with better stability so as to keep you safe and also experience ease turning and cornering while moving. Thus, you’ll be able to learn and perfect your skills using this longboard.

Considering its design, this unit has a dimension of 39 x 9.1 x 4 inches and a weight of 7.8 pounds making it able to support the various weight people. It comes with a 78A wheelbase to ensure firm steering and smooth riding. Also, it is convenient to transport from one place to another as you can easily carry it in your hand when not in use.

With this longboard, you’ll find it easy to control as it will allow you to slow down and accelerate and also choose the direction of travel, forward or backward. The structure of this unit is made up of 8 layers of hardwood maples to manage the balance between flexibility and resistance, making it safe and comfortable to drive.

Thanks to its shape, this longboard is both suitable for beginners and experienced riders because it is light in weight and easy to ride. The wheels come with a dimension of 70×50 mm and also incorporates an Abec-9 bearing, which provides a smooth and better experience while skidding and sliding.

  • Easy to ride and moves pretty fast
  • Solid bearings and can support various weights
  • Ideal for complete beginners and experienced longboarders
  • Well designed and offers a smooth ride even when be riding on a rough surface
  • Not ideal for everyday use
  • The wheels often give a squeaky sound

Loaded Boards Tan Tien – Best Freestyle Longboard


Designed with striking prints to go with different types of clothes you’re wearing, Loaded Boards Tan Tien comes in a concave shape to allow easy execution of movements and tricks. Also, this device shape allows you greater ease of control to displace it safely and slide naturally so as to have a dynamic sensation while riding.

The structure of the longboard is composed of fiberglass and laminated bamboo to make it resistant to wear and tear that results from regular use and also capable of supporting people of various weights. It is 39 inches long and 8.75 inches wide making it ideal for practicing different types of skills and perfect for beginners and experienced longboarders.

Its wheel size is 27-inches highly resistant to the rough surface and softer for proper sliding. Plus it ensures you experience quality driving in the urban areas. In addition, it offers you stability thanks to its jehu V2 bearing that improves control and improve smooth movement. Thus, you’ll be able to have a sensational and safe driving.

With the control and stability that this longboard offers, you will easily and safely move around the city, ascend and descend an inclined surface at a faster speed. Thus, you’ll be able to do what you want to do with this best longboard such as walking the streets, going down the hills at full speed, moving around the city practically effortlessly, and easily.

  • Has an epic graph and grip tape design
  • Responsive and allows sliding with ease
  • Sturdy constitution and offers enough flexibility
  • This longboard is well rounded in shape and light in weight
  • Not pocket-friendly
  • Bolt doesn’t come with a washer

Watch this video to know how it’s amazing to ride:

Loaded Tan Tien Complete Longboard riding

Atom Drop Through Longboard – Best for Downhill

 Atom Drop Through longboard
Atom Drop Through longboard

Designed to ease your move around the city thanks to its high-quality standard, Atom Drop Through is a concave shape longboard that’ll support people of various weights and also provide you greater control while you move. This device will allow you to showcase your skills while ascending and descending on steep slopes at a faster speed.

As of the design, this longboard is made of maple to ensure its durability and resistance to everyday use plus it has a dimension of 41.7 x 4.7 x 10.6 inches responsible for stability and balance while driving.

It is perfect for beginners looking to get started in the world of skating as it offers a good amount of flexibility and provides comfort while cruising around and going down the hill.

You’ll find out that its wheels look nice and grippy enough to hug really well on any surface while moving at a higher speed. The wheels will roll with ease on any surface thanks to its rounded that allows you to take sharp corners on dry pavements and also keeps them from grabbing the pavement. Thus, you don’t need to worry about losing your balance while riding this longboard.

It features an Abec-5 ball-bearing responsible for better stability and sliding. This will enhance smooth movement and control over the pavement. It is also available in a greeny wood color design to mark your style and also match the clothes you’re wearing. In addition, this longboard comes assembled and you don’t have to undergo the setting up process, just open it and ride you receive it.


  • Sharp turning radius and provide a smooth riding
  • Sturdy design and offers a good amount of flexibility
  • Well constructed and support various weights of people
  • It is comfortable to ride when going downhill for cruising around

  • Bearings aren’t high-quality
  • Limited to a single color design

Volador longboard – Best for Dancing

VOLADOR 46inch Maple Dancing Longboard
VOLADOR Maple Dancing Longboard

Volador is designed to provide you great balance and control of your body so as to thrill your audience by showcasing your dancing skills to them. This is possible thanks to its non-slip paint and balance wheels that provide you with grips and easy sliding even on rough surfaces. This makes it easy for you to dance while moving at full speed.

As for the wheels, it has a hardness of 78A coupled with an ABEC-9 precision bearing for perfect sliding and smooth rides at a higher speed. This longboard is made of a flexible 8 layers of cold-pressed Hardrock maple to make it highly resistant to wear and durable.

It has a weight of 8 pounds and a dimension of 46 x 10 x 4 inches making it able to support people of various weights.

It also comes with a spacious 37-Inch wheelbase and a spacious 46×10-Inch deck to facilitate your control over the board and thus experience stable dancing at its best. The structure of this longboard is slightly concave and offers a pleasant touch that will give you a very comfortable feeling when sliding.

It has a high-quality finish that’ll give you a classic look while cruising around in the city and park. What makes this item unique is the stability it offers even at a full speed. 

Thus, you don’t have to worry about performing extreme tricks and making sharp turns even in the tightest of space. In addition, it allows you to enjoy the beautiful scenery while having a downhill ride or cruising the city.

  • Portable and fun to ride
  • Perfect for beginners as it offers stability and comfort
  • Well constructed and come installed from the manufacturer
  • Allow you to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the city while riding
  • The trucks are well constructed
  • The occurrence of nasty wheels bite

MBS All-Terrain longboard – Best for College Campus

Atom Longboards Atom All-Terrain Longboard
Atom All-Terrain Longboard

MBS All-Terrain is a spectacular looking longboard offering amazing design and will allow you to travel around your campus at a faster speed. This device is made of bamboo and laminated maple to give a highly resistant and durable longboard that won’t show any cracks on the surface. Thus, it is able to support people of various weights.

The wheels have an amazing green color design, with a dimension of 100mm x 65mm and also cast with 78A super high rebound polyurethane material for a better ride. 

The bearings are shielded with rubber and are of type ABEC 9, which is the highest precision standard according to the ABEC system.

The longboard is specifically constructed to ease special movement around the campus, as well as conveying you from your home to class with ease. In addition to its spectacular design, this longboard offers you a perfect balance between traction and speed.

The materials used in constructing this longboard model are one of the most economical makings it to be light in weight as well as allowing you to move easily with fun.

It has a dimension of 41 x 13 x 7 inches and a weight of 5.9 pounds. Thus, you’ll find it easy to carry around without experiencing fatigue in your hand.

  • Comfortable to ride and easy to maneuver
  • The wheel is huge and will absorb vibration on rough surfaces
  • Perfect for beginners as it big enough to practice longboarding
  • Well designed and big enough to support people of various weights
  • The wheel is a bit tight
  • Paint gets peeled off easily

Sector 9 Aperture Sidewinder – Best Drop Through Longboard

Sector 9 Aperture Sidewinder Drop Through Downhill/Cruiser Freeride Complete Longboard
Sector 9 Aperture Sidewinder Drop Through Downhill Complete Longboard

If you’re looking for an outstanding experience for your next skating adventure and also interested in exploring great flexing and carving tactics of longboarding, Sector 9 Aperture Sidewinder is the perfect longboard to choose from.

This model provides dynamic sensation to you while ascending or descending the hill at full speed without having to worry safer as it keeps you balanced and stable.

Whether you are a cruiser or free-rider, riding at fast speed with stability and flexibility has never been so easy peaky. This item has a slightly concave shape and 36 inches long and 9.6 inches wide making you have greater control and ensure foot balance and stability.

Considering its structure, it’s made of strong plywood maple board with an exquisite look and feel, decorated with fancy graphics of beautiful color-works. Thus, you’ll be able to roam the campus or cruise around your neighborhood with style.

It offers resistance to glues of water, moss infection and temperate expansion. A 69mm slalom wheel of 78A hardness makes it durable and enables a swift turning even at a very high speed. The deck material aids drop through and come with an ABEC 5 bearings that improve flexibility and reduce effort while cruising.

  • Accessories are readily available
  • Elegantly designed with Compact durability
  • More enjoyable for experts and intermediate riders
  • Trucks allow complex techniques and sharp turns even at full speed
  • For pressure sustenance, larger wheels are required
  • Not ideal for beginners and amateurs because of its fast speed


Before you can choose a Longboard, it is advisable to put into consideration factors like materials used to make the product, types of the wheelbase, intended purpose of buying, the level of your skills and many more.

Material: if you wish to save cost by avoiding the regular purchase of longboards, buying durable and quality material is the key. A quality made material is always resistance and should serve you up to a decade. The type of materials used to build the Longboards may determine the price and are analyzed below.

Maple wood: This is the most widely used material for making Longboards. The price is affordable, and it performs the expected task. The most amazing feature of this material is its solidity and resistance.

If you base your choice of Longboard materials on prices, you should go for this economical friendly product. Also, this kind of product made material is an idea for choice for a beginner.

Bamboo: They are known for their flexibility and lightness. The material made from bamboo is easy to mobilize due to their lightweight. Though this material may be a bit expensive, still, it has better features that are not found in other materials.

Therefore, if you are someone looking for a flexible light-weighted material that is easy to transport, we strongly recommend bamboo made products for you.

Carbon Fibre: Carbon fiber is the product of the combination of both bamboo and maple wood to give better results. Longboarders that are financially buoyant looking for a flexible, light-weighted material that is highly resistant and last longer should consider buying carbon fiber.

Carbon fiber is not only resistance but also, they are fashionable and don’t get rusted. Thus, making them durable.

Glass and derivatives: The recent development of the most resistance, solid and less flexible materials where most premium materials emanates have proven effective in making durable Longboards.

Although this material is more expensive than other material types, this cost may be linked with the promising features it has.

Size: After choosing the material type, the next thing is to choose the exact size of the Longboard that fits you. Parameters like length, width, and stiffness play a major role when choosing your choice.

Length: Longboard comes in different lengths depending on your choice. The shorter length is always agile while the longer size, on the other hand, is very consistent throughout usage. However, the average length of a Longboard ranges between 38-42 inches or (95 cm -1.10m).

Width: The significant width parameter is lesser compared to the length when choosing the best Longboards. Still, the width is necessary especially if you intend to get a material that will not lose in your feet, the width will be of greater importance here.

Flex: This is the measurement of the rigidity of the materials. Originally, speed boards are not meant to be too flexible as this may harm you on the motion.

Though there are no manufacturing standard measurements used to determine the level of flex in the material, still, you can determine this simply by comparing the flex of one brand with another brand.

Wheelbase: The stability, dancing and other skill features that may be observed on Longboard are directly associated and determined by the wheelbase. The wheelbase signifies the distance between the innermost holes and affects riding ability. To get a more stable setup and have more control over the boards, different boards can be fixed with a different wheelbase.

Purpose: Another parameter needed to consider before choosing a Longboard is the desired activity or purpose you intend to use it for. We all know that Longboard is specifically designed for recreational purpose and are of different types. Although some people may develop choosing it as a carrier.

Types of Longboard:

There are three major types of boards they are:

Longboard Freeride: If you are a beginner willing to choose board riding as a carrier, freeride is meant for you. Freeride is a stable board specifically designed for beginners and is also good to climb on small inclined slopes comfortably. This is because, with this board, you are allowed to slide. They are also useful in regulating an uncontrollable sliding known as skidding and are also used on flat land.

Freeride can also be used as a cruising board and they function optimally on asphalt or a smooth road. If you wish to travel on a short journey, you can consider using freeride.

Longboard Freestyle: This is mainly designed for the pros to carry out all kinds of styles that can be performed on Longboards. Although an intermediate rider can also ride it, from our experience, we don’t strongly recommend it for intermediate riders. Trick and other amazing activities such as dancing, jumping while on motion, speeding, walking, and other styles can be performed optimally on this kind of board.

This is because the board is built with a bit raised up the tale that eases every activity. Also, the standard shape, size and stiffness ease all styles you intend to display while riding thus, bringing your dream into reality.

Longboard downhill: This is designed mostly for experts as the most dangerous skills like down steep hills can be performed on it. If you are expert planning to recreate using this board, we advise you to get a protective against accident occurrence.

To fully achieve all the modalities associated with a downhill longboard, you need a longboard that is large, smooth profiled and perfectly fixed with wheels in the best position.

Shapes of Longboard:

Unlike skateboarding, longboards are manufactured in various shapes and varieties that suit the buyers. So no matter how selective you are, you will definitely find your choice of longboard shape which is available at your diaspora.

In this guide, we have based our shapes on symmetry and can be categorized into three namely: Pintail, kicktail/cruiser and drop through.
Pintail: This is an asymmetrical board specifically designed for riding in various directions.

It is built with an elongated tail and a wider nose that helps to maintain balances in all directions. So if you are looking for a table that eases your directional activities and permits you to take a sharp turn, we advise you to go for pintail.

Drop Through: This board has a base that extends from the surface making it closer to the ground. This enhances gravity which gives better stability during the action. This safe easy to drive table has an axis that is mounted across the board and also has an elongated spherical mouth that makes it look stunning.

Kicktail/Cruiser: This is the most useful of all the boards’ kinds and is widely known for its easy transportation aid due to its small size. This small size makes it lighter to carry which makes it an ideally recommended board when training longboarding because it is easy to transport and also works perfectly on the smooth road.

However, the limitation of this board is, it does not give full stability so, you have to be very cautious when riding it.

Wheels: All the mobility features associated with the longboards are dependent on the wheel, and they are of two types. Harder and softer wheels.

Harder wheels: This is meant for people who are looking for an agile, easy to pilot, greater speed and durable wheels. These durable wheels are faster though activities like skidding, slipping, etc. cannot be practice on it.

Soft wheels: On a serious note, if you are a rider looking for a board that allows you to show skills like sliding, skidding, slipping, etc. soft wheel will definitely be of greater help for you.

However, when starting activities, we strongly advise you to use a soft wheel so you can get used to the ground with your board to ease your mobility.

Also, if you are willing to learn skating on a longboard, we recommend you practice on a rounded edge board because this board ease skidding while angular edges are recommended if stability is your own choice.

Size of Wheels: All in all, there are two wheel sizes and most longboarders prefer larger sized wheels because they are more stable due to their wider diameters which allow easy stability than the traditional skateboards with smaller wheels.

In addition, to ease your comfort, we advise you to purchase a longer wheel board because a longer wheel table has a smoother step which lowers the energy you will expend during longboarding.

Measurement of the Wheel Texture and Diameter

Durometer: The durometer is the measuring unit of how softer or harder a wheel is. Its unit is millimeters and ranges from 1-100. The closer to 100, the harder the wheel becomes and the name of the brand is firstly written at the front followed by a letter A or B.

Width and Height: this is the measurement of the diameter of the wheel. It is the measure of the distance between the upper part of the wheel and where the wheel touches the floor. Its unit is also in millimeter.
For your comfort, we advise you to purchase a longer wheel board because a longer wheel table has a smoother step and lowers the energy you will expend during longboarding.

Core: To obtain a stable board, the core has to be balanced. A balanced core is the one that is located at the center of the wheel. Other places where the core can be found include side, central/center, or outside of the center.

Rotation of the Wheels:

Bearings: The movement of the wheel in all directions and the speed is dependent on the bearing. The quantity of a quality-made bearing must be within the range of 7 and 9 for the proper functioning of the wheel.

The international standard measure for the measurement of the effectiveness of a bearing depends on its ABEC ratings. A good wheel must have a higher ABEC rating otherwise, you may end up in purchasing products that may give you injury due to multiple falling upon riding.

The international standard measure for the measurement of the effectiveness of a bearing depends on its ABEC ratings. A good wheel must have a higher ABEC rating otherwise, you may end up in purchasing products that may give you injury due to multiple falling upon riding.

Skill Level: Before you choose your choice of boards, the first thing you need to ask yourself is what is the level of your skill? Regardless of your skill level either novice, intermediate or pro.

There are lots of products from different manufacturers specially designed to meet your demand. Buying your choice of the board will make longboarding activities more lively to you.

Also, things like shape, size, model and many more should be considered before you choose your choice.

Riding Styles: If you are someone that likes displaying styles apart from normal riding activities that can be done while riding, we advise you to thoroughly look for a product or brand that can give you the kind of style you intend to perform. This is because each board is designed for a specific activity as multiple activities will lead to multiple purchases of boards.

Protection: The statistic shows that 57.5 percent, were injured from longboarding while 42.5 percent were injured from skateboarding.

To avert fatal injury, we strongly advise you to use protective and safety gears most especially new learners. Protective such as helmets are worn to protect any form of head injury, slide gloves to protect your hands from scratching and serve as a brake for you if unfortunately, you fall.

Also, you can use elbow and knee pads to prevent the formal and the later injuries while hip pads are worn underneath your clothes to offer additional protection.

We know that some people are experts and hardly have an accident. Even if you will not use all the above-listed protective, the use of a helmet is essential because the head is the most sensitive part of the body and once you mistakenly fall, the next thing you will see is your head hitting the floor.

There are two types of trucks based on size. Smaller sized boards which are very flexible and can perform many activities. These boards are unstable, unlike the larger sized boards which are very stable and less sensitive. Within the axis, we have two major types of trucks which are:

Reserved Kingpin: This is the most widely used truck by longboarders and it can be used by both beginners and experts. This is because it has an angle of 450 which makes it closer to the floor thus, providing greater stability for riders. The reserved kingpin is less sensitive compared to the standard kingpin.

Standard Kingpin: The standard kingpin is a narrowly built board that is less stable and highly sensitive compared to the reserved kingpin. It is specifically designed for skateboarding and other tricky styles that can be performed on board.

Styles made on this kingpin is made possible because standard kingpin has an angle more than 450 that distance it from the ground thus, enhancing different skills display such as zigzagging. Originally, Longboards always have larger shafts and their measurements range between 150-180mm.

Lanes: This is the part of the board that connects the wheels to the shed. The longboards lane brain part is built-in opposite direction compared to the old skateboards. This shows advancement in the table and provides greater stability and enhances ease movement.

Base Plate: This is a segment of the truck directly held to the table with the help of bolt. The tighter the bolt, the more the base plate firms.
Hangers: Hangers are the part of the truck that provides support to the base plate and makes it balance.

Cushion: These determine how stiffer it will be for the coupler to turn. Cushions are the gums found between the brain, base plate and the hangers in the lane. Each lane consists of two cushions.

Health Benefits of Longboarding:

Although longboards are designed mainly for leisure activities. Still, by observing longboarding, you are indirectly performing an exercise and we all know that exercise is of good health benefits for the body.
A few of the health benefits of longboarding will be analyzed below.

Cardio: One of the most prominent ways to regularly aerate the body system is through regular exercise such as longboarding. During longboarding, about four to seven calories are burn per minute making respiration to occur rapidly especially during steep hills. This, in turn, will strengthen the heart to meet up with the task thus, enhancing the lung capacity.

Keep the Body Fit: Activities like longboard jump, stunts, tricks and many more keep the body fit. This is because before any of these listed activities is accomplished, a greater effort would have been made.

For example, before you can stunt, a lot of speed is needed and you can only speed when you are physically fit, otherwise, you will fall or get fainted during this course.

Strength and Flexibility: Continuous longboarding with skills such as stunt, slalom, etc. helps to enhance the strength and flexibility of the body. This is because, during longboarding, all the body parts are either directly or indirectly involved in the activities thereby unlocking the stiffed muscles and making your body flexible.

  • Frequently Answered Question

What is the best longboards brand?

To get the right product, our recommendation is that you do research on the most popular brands. This simple search represents an excellent starting point to find original and high-quality designs. If you are not sure what some of the best brands of longboards are, take as a reference, those presented above.

List of the Best Longboard Brands:

  • Quest
  • Atom
  • Sector 9
  • Volador
  • Ten Toes Board
  • Yocaher
  • Playshion
  • Retrospec
  • Landyachtz
  • Rimable
  • Santa Cruz
  • Loaded Boards
  • Arbor Collective
  • White Wave
  • Landyachtz

What is the best type of boards for cruising?

There are different designs and selecting the best longboard will depend on the tastes and the way the user adapts to the table, as well as the tricks they want to execute.

In general, these boards are specific for descents and controlled movements, but the best for tricks are freeride or freestyle. This is because their design provides versatility on the pavement. They are usually a little more flexible and lightweight.

What are the best longboards for beginners?

There is no direct answer to this question as many kinds of longboards are available for the beginners. In short, this depends on the kind of styles, model, as well as the purpose you intend to use the board for. Either for recreational or for a professional carrier.

For professional carrier purposes, we recommend you use freestyles longboards, while, freeride is highly recommended for recreational purposes. The reason for our selection has been stated in the article.

How much does a good longboard cost?

The price of longboards varies. This depends on the material quality and other few parameters. All in all, the price ranges from $50 – $400 bucks making it economically friendly. The maple wood made materials are the cheapest while glass derivatives are the most expensive.

However, you shouldn’t use the price as the only benchmark for selecting the choice of your product but you should also consider the purpose and durability.

This is because a durable quality made material may be more expensive than an ordinary durable product which will surely meet your demand compared to some low priced one. Also, the price may vary based on the brand.

Are longer boards easier to ride?

The longer longboards are easier to ride. This is because parameters like the wheel, board, trucks, etc. needed for optimum longboarding are standardly built. Thus, providing efficient stability compares to shorter once. Although when it comes to maneuverability, there may be a little bit setback to deliver this act on the longer boards.

Here are 10 longboarding tips for beginners in this video:


Longboards offer more comfort in flexibility, swifter turns, greater curves, higher stability, and super speed compared to others, it is considered one of the greatest inventions. For its aerodynamic structure, it is very well suited for professionals and fun-seekers.

So, if you are a speed thirty rider with the aim of enjoying your ride and cruise through life; Be it for pleasure or work, Retrospec is perfect for such activity, thanks to its great stability, faster speed, and in addition to being manufactured with high-quality materials has the perfect shape to perform all kinds of skills.