12 Best Electric Longboards for Every Budget | Don’t Miss Yours!

Do you like fun and effortless rides to school or work? Well, you would be stepping into a world of exciting rides when you decide to buy the best electric longboards!

But first, let’s look at the interesting history of longboards. Originated in Hawaii, the surfers and skateboarders combined surfboards and skateboards to form what we call the longboard.

Longboards are like surfboards, but with wheels which can be used on land, and not just on water!

Moreover, once the surfboards had wheels, traveling from place to place became way easier. Skateboards, on the other hand, are shorter in size and are only designed to be used on land, with lesser stability than longboards. It could be one of the wonders of transportation!

Now that we know the difference between skateboards and longboards, let’s move on to something a bit trickier: the difference between a longboard and an electric longboard. It’s actually not tricky at all!

The key difference between the two is that electric longboards are battery operated and traditional longboards are not. You can find more on this in the FAQ section at the end of this article.

Electric longboards
Quick Review of 12 Best Electric Longboards 2020
Product NameMax LoadMax RangeMax speedPrice Range
Evolve Electric longboard 220 lbs 30 miles26 mphCheck it out
Koowheel Electric Longboard 286 lbs29 miles24 mphCheck it out
SKATEBOLT Electric Skateboard 280 lbs18 miles25 mph Check it out
Electric Longboard by AZBO 286 lbs19 miles25 mphCheck it out
Ride1UP Electric Longboard280 lbs18 miles30 mphCheck it out
Teamgee Electric Longboard 200 lbs11 miles 11 mph Check it out
SKATEBOLT Electric Longboard 280 lbs 13 miles 18 mphCheck it out
BACKFIRE Electric LongboardN/A10 miles 23 mphCheck it out
Phoenix Electric longboard220 lbs9 miles 16 mphCheck it out
BLITZART Electric LongboardN/A10 miles 17 mphCheck it out
Alouette Phoenix Ryders 220 lbs N/A16 mphCheck it out
BLITZART Electric Longboard 250 lbs6-8 miles 17 mphCheck it out

How Electric Longboard Works?

Parts of Electric longboards

Electric boards operate on three main parts:

a) battery

b) motor and

c) wheels

For something to be electric, we obviously need a battery. Lithium battery packs on longboards come in different power and sizes. The better battery you invest in, the better your battery capacity and longboarding experience.

Now the battery is connected to the motor through some wires and vice versa. The motor is the medium between the wheels and battery on electric longboards. Motor collects power from a charged battery and supplies it to the wheels, creating electric energy. That’s how it is different from traditional longboards.

Advantages of Longboards

Electric longboards don’t require as much effort as normal skateboards or longboards do. With the advancement of technology and added mechanism to traditional longboards, electric longboards were invented.

If you’re a fan of speed as well as nature, it should be noted that electric longboards are eco-friendly and can be used as light vehicles, rather than cars or buses. It can also save a lot of your time from traffic and the like! Here are some notable advantages of riding electric longboards.

advantages of longboarding

1. A light vehicle: Electric longboards are light and can be used to run errands! You can ride your way to your favorite shops and avoid time-consuming traffic. There are also electric longboards that are perfect for all terrains.

2. Improves balance: Electric or not, longboarding requires you to stabilize your body to an extent. Even though electric longboards are motorized, you cannot stand on one unless you have a good practice of balancing yourself.

3. Improves flexibility: Although electric boards demand no legwork, unlike normal longboards, your body has to get used to flexibility for carving around and staying on the board as you take turns. Yo don’t have to be athletic, but riding e-skateboards will definitely improve your flexibility.

4. Uphilling: Going up hills can be very tiring on normal longboards as it requires a lot of body strength to push upwards, but that’s easy with electric longboards as you don’t have to push, expending your strength. All you need is to push a button on a remote to climb up hills and it will be with speed! No other experience like riding uphill fast, the wind hitting your body.

5. Little to no legwork: You don’t have to wear out your legs from kicking and pushing boards for movement on electric longboards. So you are free from memorizing muscle movements for a particular maneuver. Motorized longboards demand very little legwork!

6. Less focus: With electric longboards, you don’t need to focus much on the act of riding, so you can feel the air around you and enjoy a bit of sightseeing. There’s time to get sentimental on e-longboards!

7. Not exhaustive: As the motors and the battery of electric longboards do all the work to move you and take you places, you can conserve your energy and not break a sweat as you cruise around. This doesn’t exhaust you and rather leaves you feeling refreshed.

8. Brakes: We’ve described regenerative braking, but this is obviously an advantage as you can brake mid-hill and whenever you want, which is impossible on traditional longboards. Because you have to put all your weight on the line to make a brake on normal skateboards.

9. Charging ease: The best thing about electric longboards is that you can charge it anywhere and anytime. Stop by a café and charge your board up while enjoying a cup of coffee! This is indeed an advantage as you can cover more miles on your journey.

10. Speed: Electric longboards are known especially for their speeding capacity. Although there’s legality involved in speeding up your rides, it is absolutely fun to go at unbelievable speed on deserted hills. If you love an adrenaline rush, then you HAVE to try out electric longboards.

11. Safety: As technology has made skateboarding much safer to ride, traditional skateboards now have a reputation of being more dangerous. But always equip yourself with helmets, elbow and knee pads. Also, remember to take care of your ankles.

12. Transform to traditional skateboard: If you know your way around skateboards and longboards, then you definitely know how to ride boards. One mentionable advantage of e-boards is that once the battery is out of charge, you can push and ride it like a normal skateboard! Though it might be a bit heavier for the battery pack.

The only disadvantages of electric longboards are charging the batteries on a regular basis. They’re also not very flexible when it comes to performing complex riding styles or tricks.

Electric Longboard Buying Guide & Tips


Before buying your electric longboard, you should be careful to check out the following tips:

  • If you’re a beginner, you should do sufficient research on the board length that suits your needs. For more stability, you need longer and bigger boards. Longer boards give you super comfortable riding experience.

On the contrary, short-boards are less stable so you need to have past experience to balance yourself in a small space. But it is more suitable if you’re into performing complex tricks and trying out new riding styles. We suggest you choose the size of the boards wisely.

  • Take care to check out the level of flexibility you’d be able to have on the board you’re purchasing. It is important that you consider your height and weight for balance on any particular boards. You should also have enough space on the board for your feet.


The main parts of an electric longboard are the remotes, trucks, wheels, motors, decks, regenerative braking, and battery.

Eletric Longboard Parts

Remotes: These are the controllers of motors of the board. The remotes are ergonomic and come in various styles, making the operation of the electric skateboard fun and smooth. In addition, it facilitates the functions of the board. So it’s important that you check how responsive the motors are to the remote.

Trucks: Metal pieces that connect the deck with the wheels. There are two kinds of trucks. Traditional Kingpin trucks and Reverse Kingpin trucks. The latter is recommended for beginners as they are more versatile and could guarantee a smooth ride, whereas, the former are generally found on longboards.

Wheels: All skateboard or longboard wheels are made of polyurethane. There are two kinds of these: big wheels and small wheels.

Pros of big wheels are that they easily roll over debris and bumps, along with having great contact with the ground – meaning good grip. They’re also good at picking up speed.

Cons are that they aren’t as progressive and may leave wheel bites on the board. On the contrary, small wheels slide faster than big wheels and have fast acceleration. But the cons are that they wear down faster than the other kind, as they take more pressure.

Their hardness or softness, in other words, durometer, is also an important point worth consideration. Most longboard wheels are around 78-85A durometer, where wheels with 78A durometer would not be as hard as those with an 85A durometer.

All this is also relevant to the grip a wheel has over a variety of surfaces. The rougher the surface, the lesser the grip. But that’s only in the case of hard wheels, soft wheels are more grippy on rough surfaces.

Decks: Decks come in many shapes. The shapes are determined by the riding style the customers prefer. Carvers choose boards that are a bit round on the front and back, which provides swift turns around the corners. Cruisers look like most longboards because most of them are easy to cruise on with.

Furthermore, pintail shaped boards are used for freestyling – meaning, you can perform all sorts of tricks and turns with pintail shaped longboards, as long as they are of good quality. There are also dancer longboards, which are wide enough to dance on, but heavy enough to be insufficient for tricks.

Sliders are rectangular longboards with rounded corners. To determine your style and choose a longboard matching your skill level to squeeze out great fun and awesome riding experience.

Motors: There are two types of motors you can use on your electric skateboard: hub motors and belt-drive motors.

Hub motors have a simple structure and less noise, with no belt or extra parts. Boards with these motors can be used like normal skateboards/longboards. It is comparatively smoother than belt-drive motors, but it cannot do well on all terrains. It’s also very efficient.

Belt-drive motors, on the other hand, make more noise and friction, because they have more power output and torque. These motors are also super smooth on all terrains, along with being better at climbing hills. These also come with more maintenance.

Regenerative braking: This is one of the coolest features of electric skateboards! Regenerative braking means, is the simplest form, that the battery charges whenever you break. Resistance is induced in the motors with the help of electric power and braking becomes fairly easy while going downhill.

The produced electric power goes into the battery cells, which recharges it. When the braking energy is transformed into battery power, this process is called regenerative braking, hence the name.

Top 12 Best Electric Longboards

1. Evolve Carbon GTR Electric Skateboards – Best for Experts

With a sturdy board of pure carbon fiber, this Evolve skateboard is a game-changer. Sporting nostalgic designs on its deck and diverse wheel setups, this skateboard provides a super smooth riding experience with strong control. It has unmatched stability and flexibility with its battery pack hidden by the deck.

You can even customize the riding mode on your own volition through the controller. Besides, climbing uphill with this electric board provides a breathtaking experience, if you know how to control it. This is the best electric skateboard to own!

Evolve electric longboard
Evolve electric longboard


220 lbs max load

range of 30 miles

39-inch deck

33.5-inch wheelbase

97mm urethane wheels

18650 lithium-ion battery

Bluetooth controller

deck handmade of 100% carbon fiber

climbs hills up to 25% gradient


smooth acceleration

balanced and tight control

can cover 19 miles on each charge

suitable for various styles of riding


a little heavy

can be hard to handle


This great carbon skateboard costs $1999! The pricing is appropriate for its high-end specs, and its old-school design! The wheel types are as flexible as the riding styles on the board.

Final Opinion

Although the board is of super quality, the evolve skateboards fall more on the expensive side. That’s mainly because of its amazing speed, the versatility of functions of the skateboard, along with the flexibility of riding styles.

This skateboard is claimed to be the best by many experienced riders. Unless you want to carve around your area and really know how to ride a longboard, we deem Evolve skateboard too pricey for a beginner. That’s the downside of it.

We only recommend this skateboard for intermediate and experienced riders.  But pulling it off is, of course, entirely up to you!

2. Koowheel Electric Longboard – Best for College

Koowheel Electric Longboard has a deck of maple wood and comes with a remote with indicator lights. This board is especially suitable for cruising, but not carving, what with its level of stability. It is usually safe and stable at faster speeds, but could sometimes hesitate.

This board comes with the best bearings and good wheels, however, sharp turning is not the best feature of it. It can carry heavy people, but the trucks need to be adjusted beforehand, according to the weight of the rider. The wheels might not be the best on bumps and cracks, despite the quality.

Koowheel longboard
Koowheel Electric Skateboard


7 layers of Canadian maple

16 lbs board

max speed 24.8 MPH

286 lbs max load

36.2 inches long and 9.4 inches wide

97mm wheels

charging time: 2hrs


stiffer ride for toughness

maple board provides elasticity

board without splicing

takes 15 seconds to change a battery


not flexible for many riding styles

wheels rattle on rocks and chip easily


Koowheel electric longboard costs $649 on Amazon, with all its specs given. It has good features compared to its price.

Final Opinion

The motorized sturdy board has the best bearings, but we would recommend testing and checking the wheels if they rattle before riding for a better experience. It also comes with two grip tapes to allow good traction!

Moreover, with its short charging time, the battery capacity is shown on the remote. You can use it as a means of transportation to work, college, or go for a cruise around your vicinity. We would say it is good for its price. 

3. SKATEBOLT Electric Skateboard – Best for Uphilling

SKATEBOLT Electric Skateboard comes with a deck that has a nice concave and enough space for feet. Good wheels for bumps and stones. SKATEBOLT electric skateboards give an impactful experience when it comes to climbing and cruising around on it. It’s riding experience is very smooth for its deck space and its high-end features.

SKATEBOLT Electric Skateboard Longboard
SKATEBOLT Electric Skateboard Longboard


8 layers of northeast maple

max speed 25 mph

280 lbs max load

2 Hub motors of 500 watts

39 Inches long

90mm wheels

range of 18.6 miles


easy to push (like a skateboard)

wide deck space for foot

shock-absorbent soft wheels

great braking options

good control on the speed modes


the battery may not be last long

sensitive and sudden stopping

bad for steep hills


The price of this amazing skateboard is only $599 on Amazon. This seems pretty cheap compared to its super cool features.

Final Opinion

The best part of SKATEBOLT Electric Skateboards is the deck that can be both sturdy and flexible, according to your need, which gives you easy control over the board. The built-in rear lights are really cool and come with braking purposes. However, as it is a skateboard for going uphill, it’s not very balanced for the style it’s made for.

4. Electric Skateboard Longboard by AZBO – Best for hill climbing at top speed

With a wireless remote, this motorized longboard has a northeastern maple deck and 4 strong wheels. There are many types of skateboards by AZBO that you can check on Amazon, and their types vary. Some come in pintail shaped boards and some in skateboard shapes, with noticeable changes in the features of wheels and decks.

The best thing about this longboard is that it gives free protective gear, such as knee pads, elbow pads, etc. This longboard is designed for charging at high speeds, but it does not have regenerative brakes. The grip tape holds the feet in place on the deck, and helps in controlled maneuvering of the board, with the addition of its controls on the remote.

Electric Skateboard by AZBO


8-ply maple deck

25MPH max speed

286 lbs max load

comes with free protective sets

in-hub dual motors of 1000W

charging time: 2-3hrs

range of 19 miles


stable at top speed

board weight balanced in the front and back

excellent grip tape


bad remote performance

no regenerative brakes

loose trucks


$595 is the price of AZBO’s Electric Skateboard Longboard. We’d say that the durability of this board depends on the person’s use.

Final Opinion

This quiet longboard by AZBO is stable at high speed. The pros can have fun carving with this board, though the trucks may need a bit of oiling. We do not recommend this electric board for beginners.

It can be very dangerous with its unstable control. It might not have a good AC adapter.

This board can be used for hill climbing at top speed. All in all, the deck is durable, but we cannot say the same for its battery, and the electric board is okay for its price range. 

5. Ride1UP Electric Longboard – Best for Commuting

Ride1UP Electric Longboard is too good for its price for those who love thrills! A bit stiff, but a super smooth riding experience is provided by this affordable longboard. Its max speed is amazingly high, and the battery is good.

This board, being responsive to the commands through the remote, is mainly appropriate for carving and but it can also climb hills at amazing speed. The controller may be unstable and the ride may be wobbly due to loose trucks. It does excellent turns, as it has big deck space for feet placement.


38 Inch Canadian Maple deck or 38.5 Inch bamboo deck 

max speed 30MPH

dual hub motors of 1200W

range of 14 to 18 miles

4-speed types

regenerative brakes


long battery life

cool design

big deck space

suitable for climbing and carving


loose trucks

only suitable for experienced riders

the controller is not smooth enough


The price of Ride1UP Electric Longboards is $549, which is affordable. The board is great compared to its price, and the same goes for its features. This longboard would last long with very few replaceable parts.

Final Opinion

Ride1UP Electric Longboard is fast for its price. Its design is favored much, but we do not recommend this longboard for beginners. Because it can be too fast, and the trucks need to be adjusted accordingly, for good power while climbing.

It can be used for commutation, along with free carving experiences at top speed. We strongly recommend this super affordable longboard for great adventures!


6. Teamgee H6 37″ Electric Skateboard/Longboard – Best for Cruising

Teamgee H6 37″ Electric Skateboard is a longboard that does not weigh much, despite the embedded battery in the deck. It is a pintail shaped longboard, the shape of which is close to a surfboard. It also has ocean-themed designs on its deck, with subtle concave.

Mainly a longboard for cruising with trucks that might need adjusting, the wheels are good with less chance of a bite. It gives a pretty good cruising experience, without the added weight of an extra battery pack.

Teamgee H6 37" Electric Longboard


10 layers of Canadian maple plus a layer of fiberglass

13.7 lbs board

max speed 11MPH

200 lbs max load

37 inches long and 0.5 inches thick

replaceable 84mm polyurethane wheels

max climb angle of 15° – 20°

battery charging time: 2½ hrs

range of 11 miles


battery is hidden in the deck

subtle concave


no external battery pack

smooth over rough terrain



loose brakes

not fast while climbing


At a price of $460, the Teamgee longboard is a durable choice for an exhilarating ride. Though unsuitable for climbing at a fast pace, it can take you anywhere smoothly! 

Final Opinion

Having a single-hub motor, Teamgee H6 Electric Longboard is fast enough, but not the fastest.

It doesn’t go uphill as good as the given specifications, but it can ride carry the weight of 200 lbs max. Moreover, if the battery dies, it has enough flexibility for you to cruise and carve around, freely. 

7. SKATEBOLT Electric Skateboard Longboard S3 New Breeze – Affordable

SKATEBOLT’s electric longboard S3 New Breeze comes with 2.4 G RF technology, which makes it super fast to climb up hills with speed. The board is relatively light – though inflexible – and its max climb angle is 15°, which is astounding for its price.

It might have problematic screws and loose trucks that might need adjusting, as it is affected by the rider’s weight and style of riding. It comes off as noisy, and the battery pack could fall off, so it can be a little dangerous to ride.

SKATEBOLT Electric Skateboard Longboard
SKATEBOLT Electric Skateboard Longboard


8 layers of Canadian maple

max speed 18.6 MPH

280 lbs max load

83mm dual hub motors of 250W

charging time 2hrs

range of 13.6 miles

max climb angle of 15°


easily goes up hills

ideal max speed

smooth on rough roads

moderately weather resistant

battery neatly attached to the board


remote connectivity issues

loose trucks

imbalanced brake


S3 New Breeze has a price of $399, and we would definitely admit that it is packed with a lot of power and strength for its price. It’s cheap compared to its given specs and quality board, covering an ideal range of miles.

Final Opinion

With SKATEBOLT’s S3 New Breeze, you can change direction easily! Everything about this longboard screams at high speed. You can ride this board on rough terrains, with much caution about the rattling motors and loose trucks.

We’d also recommend being careful at high speeds, as there have been reported accidents due to faulty connection between the remote and motors. But with adjustable speed and a fully functional remote, you can experience amazing uphill with this cheap longboard. 

N. B. You will have 6 months warranty from the manufacturer.

8. BACKFIRE New G2 Electric Longboard

Backfire New G2 Electric Longboard can pick up super ideal top speed, because of its low center of gravity. It is also packed with strength and an in-built battery management system, with a medium range. Let’s move on to the features!

BACKFIRE New G2 Electric Longboard
BACKFIRE New G2 Electric Longboard


8 layers of hard rock maple

14.5 lbs board

max speed 23.5 MPH

2 in-hub motors of 350W

charging time: 3½ hrs

up to 10 miles on a single charge

the battery capacity of 36V 5AH

hill climbing up to 25%


good controller connectivity

easy to learn

plenty of torque

great hill climbing strength



loose trucks and bushings

inflexible board

limited speeding options


The price of this board is great, considering the great motors and their compatibility with the board. Moreover, both tires and wheels are independently replaceable! Hence the reasonable price for this cool board.

Final Opinion

With a wide wheelbase, the Backfire G2 electric longboard has options to replace motors, in sync with the riding style preferred by the user. So if you want to glide over cracks and rocky roads, we’d recommend 93mm wheels, otherwise, for picking up speed and sharp turns, use 83mm wheels!

The board, though stiff and hard, is durable for its type and price! It’s very affordable and very suitable for beginners.

N. B. Wheels comes in black or red colors, with 180 days (6 months)  manufacturers warranty.


9. Phoenix Ryders Electric Skateboard – Smooth Riding

With LCD remote controller, this Phoenix Ryder’s skateboard’s maneuvering is affected by the rider’s weight and built. It has great loading capacity and can be used on rough roads to cruise around the city.

Although the battery life is short and the charging time is high, this strong board can accelerate fast and carry you smoothly. Most of the deck’s weight is concentrated on the back of the board, so it can be a little tricky to ride it.

Phoenix Ryders Skateboard
Phoenix Ryders Electric Skateboard longboard


7 layers of northeast maple

13.2 lbs board

max speed 16MPH

max climb angle of 10°

220 lbs max load

2 83mm hub motors of 250W

charging time: 3hrs

clean range of 9 miles


smooth riding

appropriate for cruising

easy to learn

good accelerator


short battery life

bad endurance

the board’s heavier in the back


At $299.99, the board is not bad in quality at all. You can get it on Amazon and use it as a means of comfortable transportation, as it has a range of about 9 miles.

Final Opinion

This board is cheap and it can carry you smoothly around the town and you can rush by busy traffic with this. It’s also quite easy to learn, with understanding endurance. So from the cheap side, we definitely recommend this for commutation and light rides!

10. BLITZART X-Plore Electric Skateboard Longboard – Durable and Fast

An aesthetic board with concave, BLITZART X-Plore Electric Skateboard has a nice deck with quiet motors. It has reasonable endurance with a good range for its price. You might need to change batteries, as they wear out easily. Keep the board away from puddles to protect the wheels, as they chip easily.

BLITZART X-Plore Electric Longboard
BLITZART X-Plore Electric Longboard


8-ply maple deck

max speed 17MPH

brushless hub motors of 350W

charging time: 2½hrs

clean range of 10 miles


concave deck


can take a good load



noisy motors

bad connectivity on low battery


You can get this board for $280, which is very cheap for a longboard of this quality.

Final Opinion

With quiet hub motors, this longboard can go for 18MPH on flat land and 15MPH up hills. It is very durable and fast, for which we suggest trying different styles of longboarding, owing to its flexibility and the grip tape to keep your feet firm on the board! Who knows, you might just get an amazing experience of skateboarding in your life!

N. B. Blitzart boards cannot be used to perform tricks. It comes with 3 months of manufacturers limited warranty.

11. Alouette Phoenix Ryders – Best Cheap Electric Longboard 

With a comparatively short deck, Alouette Phoenix Ryders Electric Longboard has speed settings on its remote. You can enjoy acceleration and deceleration on this wide longboard. Equipped with Cruise control settings, you can also manage your cruising around the vicinity as it is known for reliable performance.

Alouette Phoenix Ryders
Alouette Phoenix Ryders Electric Skateboard Longboard


6 layers maple & 1 layer of bamboo

9.92 lbs board

max speed 16 MPH

220 lbs max load

2 motors of 250W

80A durometer

max climb angle 10°

29.4 V lithium battery 4400 mAh

charging time: 2hrs


great weight limit

solid wide board

can climb mild hills

responsive controller

good battery life


the board can be short

touchy brakes

wheels unsuitable for graveled surfaces


The Alouette longboard costs $299, which is way less for its unbelievable climbing feature at 10° angle. The price is good for its accessories.

Final Opinion

A reliable board for going uphill, but changing its hardware can be a little difficult. Since it also suffers from faulty connectivity and bad coordination of the board and remote, we only recommend this if you’re a freak for speed and would love to climb hills at a reasonable pace. So if you’re thinking about the price range, this board is not all that bad!

N. B. Especially for beginners’ skill level, with 6 months manufacturers warranty.

12. BLITZART Huracane 38″ Electric Longboard

With great motors and regenerative braking, this longboard can go a few miles on a single charge. This is a great feature as skateboards as cheap as this malfunction easily. I’m addition, the accessories are customizable, so you use this board to go insanely fast if you like the adrenaline rush. You can play with this board to cruise and control acceleration!

BLITZART Huracane 38" Electric Skateboard
BLITZART Huracane 38″ Electric Skateboard Electronic Longboard


2 modes of speed for beginners and advanced riders

6 layers of maple and 2 layers of bamboo

max speed 17MPH

250 lbs max load

350W brush less hub motors

range of 6-8 miles

charge time 3hrs



reverse capability

customizable accessories

smooth acceleration

suitable for cruising


hardware can rust easily

bad bolts and screws

would not last a year


Being the cheapest electric longboard on our list for $280, we’d say this board packs a lot of strength.

Final Opinion

The hardware of the board may be defective, as the screws of trucks and the battery pack may come loose. It can cause serious accidents if you’re not cautious with it. We’d suggest checking the condition of the longboard prior to taking it out for a ride.

This board can serve you without any problems for the first few months, but if you want a longboard for the long-term, then this isn’t for you. We highly recommend tightening the screws on this longboard before taking it out for a ride.

N. B. Not for doing tricks, this board is shipped fully assembled.

FAQs About Electric Longboards

1. Are electric longboards good for beginners?

Yes! But you have to be careful about choosing the right electric board that incorporates beginner-level setups. In fact, electric boards are also comparatively easier to learn skating on than normal skateboards, because you don’t have to learn to kick and use extra strength to push the board forward, the battery-operated motors can do it for you!

You can easily check for e-longboards for beginners on our list! We have provided important information with little suggestions at the bottom.

2. Can I use e-boards as normal skateboards?

That depends on the type of electric board you’re using. You can use most of them as normal skateboards, once the battery is out of charge. Since they have softer wheels, you can cruise on them. They’re more stable as the boards are heavier due to the attached battery pack.

Make sure you pay attention to the resistance of the hub motors and flexibility of the boards before trying out new styles on them. Usually, low resistance hub motors are preferable.

3. Are electric boards waterproof?

Most electric boards are not waterproof. Since they’re electric, some longboards can be water-resistant. But most manufacturers would suggest not to ride electric boards in rainy weather or on watery land. Because electric boards are not surfboards, some boards might not be moisture-tolerant as it can get to the wood of the board.

Most boards are commonly made out of maple wood and we all know that water isn’t good for wood. You can ride over puddles and the like (dependable on the board quality), but keep your board away from wet places.

4. What’s the difference between traditional longboards and electric longboards?

Traditional longboards are more suitable for beginners than skateboards. But electric longboards are way different than the other two. Traditional boards need kicking and pushing, and they’re more suitable for versatile styles, like freestyling, carving, dancing, freeriding, etc.

electric longboard vs traditional longboard
Traditional longboard VS Electric Longboard

Contrarily, electric longboards are way easier to ride, though they’re not for freestyling or many styles of riding. Moreover, they’re more stable and ideal for long-distance commutation.

5. What’s the best material?

Most of the skateboarding decks come in three common materials, such as maple, bamboo, and fiberglass. Maplewood is cheaper than bamboo and it is more widely used for decks than the other materials. Bamboo, on the contrary, takes a long time to grow and it takes rather a lengthier process to make boards out of them.

Though sturdier and costlier than Maplewood, bamboo is durable. Fiberglass boards are also expensive, suffice it to say it’s really good material. However, it doesn’t have much demand, despite being fun to ride.

6. Are electric boards suitable for kids?

Yes, of course. Electric boards are safer for kids, as they do not need to kick-start their rides like normal skateboards. We recommend wearing protective gear before starting off your ride to school or around the campus.

As electric longboards require a remote control, it can be a little unstable if the connectivity does not work or for a malfunctioning controller. So, yes, electric longboards are suitable for kids, but with protective sets.

7. Are there any age restrictions?

The minimum age of riding electric boards is 12. Anyone above this age can play around with an electric skateboard, and use it for commutation. Since electric longboards are easier to ride, it doesn’t take a toll on your knees and calves. It can make you flexible and can improve your body balance, as you’d ride it on various terrains and angles.

8. Is it dangerous?

Usually, cheap boards are dangerous, as their controllers can malfunction as regards the connectivity between the remote and the battery. Electric longboards are easier on the knees than traditional skateboards, they’re more flexible. So they’re not very dangerous. But with good protective gear, you’d be able to protect yourself from injuries and accidents.

Elbow pads: Make sure the elbow pads are flexible and lightweight. Also check for plastic, because those kinds aren’t breathable. Since bulky pads are a nuisance while on the go, you ought to check the correct size and secure fit before investing in a pair!

See if they’re protected by those technologies they talk about. Remember to get these along with wrist guards.

Knee pads:

A beginner can’t learn longboarding unscathed, that’s not how it works. You’d fall, a lot, you might even scrape your knee badly. This is where knee pads come to the rescue! Find adjustable kneepads that are lightweight, shock absorbent and of good material, since your knees do a lot of work while longboarding.


This is the most important protective gear you should have. Look out for these with good airflow, padded chin buckle, and Sweatsaver fabric.

Skateboard shoes:

You need flat shoes, to be precise, sneakers for skateboarding. Rubber sole, comfort, size are some factors to consider before getting yourself a pair. You’ll thank yourself later!

Electric Longboard Crash


All the information about the longboards above was researched thoroughly for your convenience. We have taken extra steps and ensured to include ancillary information about the boards. Most longboards are not applicable for beginners, and admittedly, some are for intermediate and pro-level skateboarders.

It is important to mention that most electric boards are at best suitable for commuting, not performing tricks. Not to mention, the quality of these also play a major role in determining whether the e-board you choose can perform tricks or not. 

Additional information is always preferred, so we suggest you look more into reviews of the e-boards and choose your purchase. Electric longboards are very efficient for beginners. You can use these to travel longer distances than traditional skateboards.

Electric longboards also have a longer life, based on their battery and accessories. These also make for cool presents! We’ve arranged our picks of electric longboards according to price and divided them up. In short, electric longboards are super cool to ride on!