Best Cruiser Skateboard Reviews 2020

It’s tougher when you are in search of the best cruiser skateboards. For you, our experts made the best cruiser skateboard list from the latest products.

A spontaneous and bountiful source of thrill can be a smooth ride on a Best cruiser skateboard. The thrill is a continuous obsession in our life.

Nothing can be much pleasant than exploring the world around you. A cruiser can help you to do so.

To avoid traffic, costly ride, parking, and fuel confusions or wasting time in search of vehicles, cruiser skateboard is the considerably best option for you.

Besides, cruising is cool and exciting. Remember you should know about the laws of skateboarding before the start.

Think of a swift ride through a road feeling the cool breeze on your face and body.

What else one needs to refresh the spirit and to forget the troubles of life. Here, we are going to make a list of cruiser skateboards in case of serving your interest in getting the best. 

You know, choosing the right suit is not easy. So, to get the best-suited one spend a bit of your time with us and read till the end.
For your purpose, our experts reviewed the most competitive selections from the market and featured them here.

Remember, being hurry and impassionate will take you to something unworthy. 
So, keep a conscious eye over our in-depth review till the end to match your perfect category.

So, we decided to dedicate this article to help you find the Best cruiser skateboard out on the market for you today. You can also read our complete review of the best skateboard.

10 Best cruiser skateboard 2020 – Comparison table

ProductMaterialBest ForMarketplace
1. RIMABLE Complete 22″PlasticEditor’s PickCheck It Out
2. Magneto Mini CruiserMapleBest for everyday useCheck It Out
3. Skatro Mini CruiserPlasticBest mini cruiser Check It Out
4. Ridge 27″ CruiserPlasticBest qualityCheck It Out
5. Landyachtz Dinghy 28″MapleBest overallCheck It Out
6. Cal 7 Complete Mini CruiserPlasticAffordableCheck It Out
7. Retrospec Quip Complete CruiserPlasticBest for beginnersCheck It Out
8. ENKEEO 22 Inch CruiserPlasticBest for girlsCheck It Out
9. Playshion Complete 22”FiberglassBest for kidsCheck It Out
10.Flybar Skate CruiserMapleBest for college campusCheck It Out

How to Choose the Best Cruising Skateboard?

When the issue is selecting the best cruising skateboard, the skater has to consider many options and ideas. Different alternative options are to be judged to get the best one. 

Skateboarding is a great source of fun and recreation as a sport for fun-loving people and amazing transport to move around. 

However, the most important issue in skateboarding is selecting the best equipment. At present, a huge number of brands with so many different characteristics are available in the market. 

So, picking up the most suitable best cruiser skateboard is not an easy task. Still, some specific parameters and criteria we do have to make a good choice.

Like other products, the size, shape, weight, and price of the cruiser come first to considers. Then, there are other options like age, design, material, capacity, durability, using purpose and for whom we are going to buy it.

Whether it is for a professional or for beginner, the cruiser is the most important case to consider in skateboarding. However, some crucial parts are involved with making your best choice like deck, wheels, trucks, bearings.

Having a clear idea of those parts will take you to a level of understanding from where we expect that you can select a remarkably better cruiser skateboard. 

So, let’s have a quick look at those parts and don’t miss our best cruiser skateboards reviews too.


The deck is the most important part of a skateboard while skaters ride on the deck and it is a basement for riders to stand on. Other parts like wheels, trucks, and bearings are adjusted on the deck.

A deck is made up of different components like maple wood, plastic, polyurethane, polypropylene, urethane, and fiberglass and so on. With material, some other relevant factors are to consider choosing the Best cruiser deck.

Deck Length: The length of the deck comes first while it varies product to product and boards are also named after the length to specify them. The usual length starts range from 21.5 inches and available to 32 inches. The average cost of the deck is around $30 to $50.

Short cruisers have a narrow deck and long cruisers have the wider deck. Comfortable ride loving skaters choose to extend and wider deck while trick, glide and craving liker skaters tend to take the narrow and small deck.

Deck Width: The second point to consider is the width of the deck. Different widths of the cruiser usually range from 6 inches to almost 9 inches. There is a close relation between length and width in building the deck. 

Moreover, tall and professional riders prefer longer boards while short and narrow boards are suitable for the beginner as those are easy to move, control and roll.


This is also an important part of the deck while trucks are set on them and wheel, bearing and bushings are also adjusted accordingly. Actually, wheelbase is the distance between two wheels and it can be from 11 inches to 15 inches.

Basically, long cruiser skateboards have lengthy wheelbase and small cruisers have narrow wheelbase. It is helpful to maintain the balance of the user.

The front, back, and middle of the deck have a specific name as well. The front is called the nose of the board. It is thick and long. The back end of the deck named the tail. It is thin and short and useful in keeping balance on riding and on doing tricks.

The middle and lower part of the deck is known as concave which plays a vital role in maintaining balance and control of riders. It is the space where feet are kept and tricks with cruising are done. 


Wheels are a really influential part of a cruiser. These are also easily replaceable part of the skateboard. The average replacement cost is around $15 to $30. Sometimes, we can ensure a much-balanced ride by changing the wheels of the cruiser. But, some of us, intentionally, choose small wheels for longboards and long wheels for narrow boards. 

However, wheels should maintain an adjustable size with the deck. Instead of that, your wheels will not roll smoothly and it will get damaged within a short time of use. 

Wheel size has an impact over speed too. Large wheels roll fast and small wheels move with a bit of less speed. Larger wheels have less friction and can tolerate hurdles and cracks. So, try to set the adjustable large size on your deck to get a better ride. 

Moreover, larger wheels are appropriate for the heavier skater, but a hefty and kid rider can’t roll the large wheel smoothly. So, they need to have a small size to control the turn and speed.


The T-shaped part of the board which is attached to the deck of a cruiser is the truck which plays a vital role in ensuring the performance of the cruiser. Trucks share space to set wheels and enable them to turn and roll.

To get the best performance of wheels and to minimize wheel bite standard-sized trucks should be adjusted. The standard size of the truck is dependent on the width and length of the deck. Trucks are also replaceable with a usual cost of $15 to $30.


Another key part of a cruiser is the bearings. It is a metal part that is to set inside the wheel and it helps to spin the wheel. Bearings have different sizes which are expected to adjust with the size of the wheels.

Those are also replaceable and usually cost around $18 to $30. Quality of the bearings will ensure spin and turn off the wheel and made the ride smooth and enjoyable.

  • 10 Best Skateboards for Cruising

1) Rimable Complete 22 inches Skateboard: Complete cruiser skateboard

RIMABLE Complete 22 Cruiser Skateboard

As a much-appreciated selection, the Rimable skateboard plastic mini cruiser is suitable for young to old. This stylish, sturdy and affordable design can be a better option for a beginner or for someone of tender age. Anyone can ride on it easily.

Supporting extreme sports quality, also facilitates children’s growth, environmental transport and most importantly easy and smooth ride.


Amazing Design: The cruiser is available in a variety of colors and designs. Amazing patterns and strong structure made it a popular fashion accessory for teenagers and young adults.

Quality Deck: The deck is 22 inches long and the good quality plastic material made it easy replacement of walking. Adults and children can move around on campus and parks easily and they can use the board even on barefoot. With thick 100% fresh material deck, It has a solid 3-inch Aluminum Truck, smooth bearing, and PU wheels. 

Polyurethane wheels are used in the Rimable cruiser to ensure a super-smooth rider for you. The product dimension is 21.6x 5.9x 3.5 inches with 4.14 pounds weight. The maximum weight capacity of this stylish penny board is 198Lb or 90Kgs.

  • The cruiser is fully assembled
  • Maximum load weight 90Kgs(198lb)
  • High quality 3” thick Aluminum Trucks
  • 22” long wide deck with 100% fresh material
  • Super smooth PU wheels with high-speed bearings
  • Stylish pattern, strong structure and color variations.
  • Sometimes color chipped off
  • Some people think that it’s light-weighted and small to ride and dangerous
  • Some recommendations are not in favor of long term service and lack of glide

Final View: 

Basing the above factors, we think, the product may have a positive impact on you like so many users who are still enjoying it. We don’t think that the cons are almost deniable. However, features, style, and affordability made it one of the best cruisers for young and children. 

The cruiser is suggested for family use, considerable issues are involved like color variation, weight, and smoothness of wheels. It is a good option for beginner and campus ride. So, try it now.

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2) Magneto Mini Cruiser Skateboard:  Best for everyday use   

Magneto Mini Cruiser Skateboard

Most skaters expect to have a stylish and smooth everyday ride. To show them the light of hope the Magneto mini cruiser was created with an amazing graphic on the board.


Magneto min cruiser skateboard was designed to be fun to ride and portable to carry around.

Double Kick Tails: Its double kick tails take the go-to board to the next level of fun and performance. The edition of double kick tails will help you to do fun rides like mannies, ollies, flip tricks, and general tick-tacking. 

To maintain the performance of a great skateboard, asymmetric front and back kick tails are also adjusted and with cool directional surf-style design. These multi-disciplinary areas and designs are done on a Canadian maple deck with high-quality components.

Quality Materials: It was manufactured from 6 full piles of Canadian maple and the trucks are made from quality gravity cast aluminum. The wheels and bushings are cast in high-quality SHR polyurethane. 

For having this kind of quality material, the cruiser skateboard is strong, reliable and durable. The size and weight of Magneto mini-cruiser make it the go-to board for kids, teens and adults and the maximum weight limit is 275lb (124 kg).

This cruiser is easy to skate, carry and store throughout your entire day. The product dimension is 22.7x 7.5”x18” inches.

Its length and wheelbase will give plenty of space for your feet on top of the deck. 

So the Magneto mini cruiser is long enough to amuse, stylish and portable to carry and a great choice for everyday skating.

  • Maximum load weight 124Kgs(275lb)
  • The double kick tails for extra fun and versatility
  • Trucks are made from quality gravity cast aluminum.
  • Strong, sturdy, durable and reliable for an everyday skater.
  • Sand grit finishes on top to grip your feet and shows off the maple deck.
  • The deck is strong and durable as Canadian maple piles were used with quality components.
  • 27.5” Length, 7.5” width and 18.5” wheelbase. No plastic element is used anywhere on the board.
  • Trucks get rusted in some cases
  • Most of the complements of users are stuck on the bearings, they were expecting something better

Final View: 

This magneto mini cruiser skateboard, from the overall review, is an amazing selection on our list. Except for the trucks, this is going to be an outstanding combination of other parts. It’s not that trucks are damageable; actually, it is a bit less than the quality. 

Despite this, we hope you have one of the best options here for everyday use. Go for it as early as possible.

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3)Skatro Mini Cruiser Skateboard:   Best mini cruiser skateboard  

Skatro Mini Cruiser Skateboard

Why looks and flex matters! The answer is in the Skatro mini cruiser skateboard. Those two features made the cruiser different from other mini cruisers. This small cruiser board is exactly like a penny board but it is a variation of skate row model.


The exceptional design of Skatro mini cruiser skateboard will give you a feeling of what you expect over a penny board. The Sketro flexy technology is used on the board to ensure optimal flex on 22 inches deck.

The manufacturing process of this plastic board made it flexible and consistent in the stiffness. For that, Skatro is the smoothest mini-cruiser on the market.

Color Variations: There are certain color options for skatro. They are the light green color with pink wheels, the white with black wheels, the black with different color wheels and the blue board with red wheels.

Durable Bearings: Replacing the traditional carbon steel bearing, skatro used more durable and harder Skatro ultimate Abec-7 bearings. It increases the smoothness, speed of the 59mm Urethane wheels.

3-inch lightweight aluminum trucks are also adjusted on the board. The product dimension is 22x6x3inces and weighs 4.7 pounds. It bears more than 200lb (90kg). The skateboard cruiser is very light and easy to move around.

  • It is very light and suitable for easy transportation.
  • Optimal flex is ensured through Skatro Flexy Technology
  • Skatro outperforms many leading brands and with affordable cost.
  • All Skatro boards come with color matching T-tool to adjust wheels.
  • Abec 7 Skatro bearings are used with 59mm Urethane Skatro wheels and 3-inch aluminum trucks.
  • Trucks need loosening to move fast.
  • In some cases, wheels spin a bit slowly. So, more steps are required to move on.

While penny boards are more costly than this Skatro mini-cruiser, you have the best skateboard option in an adorable price. 

We thought that such light and smartboard on that kind of price is something tricky and must have some flaws there. But it was outstanding an exceptionally gorgeous and the easiest transport you can have to move around.

4)Ridge Skateboards 27” Cruiser Board:  Best quality

Ridge Skateboards_27_Cruiser Board

Ridge Skateboard is one of the best skateboards and longboard producing brands in the market and it is the only mini cruiser manufacturer in Europe. Basically, Ridge skateboards maintain affordable prices without any compromise in offering quality products.

The Ridge Skateboard 27 inch cruiser board is an edition of 22 inch Ridge skateboard. For that, it is named as big brother cruiser.


Ideal Deck: The Ridge Skateboard 27 inch cruiser is made from industrial- strength plastic. The cruiser is almost like a penny board which has a 27-inch lengthy deck with a 7.5-inch width. The deck is 1.5” wider than the original ridge board.

The wider deck made the board more stable and skaters will have enough space to keep balance on doing tricks. Abe XM bearings are adjusted with 59mm 78A PU wheels.

The wheels are the same as on the original mini cruisers. Wheels made the cruiser smooth to ride even rough surfaces.

Portable: The crisscross design on the board maintains an effective grip over long-term use and the underlying design makes carrying the board more comfortable to hold. It is also convenient to replace tools or screws if any adjustments are required.

Variations of color are found for the board on deck and wheels. It has own online customizer to color each product. The product dimension is 26.8×7.5×3.9 inches.

The Ridge cruiser is able to withstand a weight of 175lb (80kg). This board is perfect for the beginner though it is suitable for all who have a limited weight balance.

  • The exceptional design is suitable to hold and carry
  • The cruiser is able to withstand 175Lb or 80kg weight
  • Like original mini-cruiser, 59mm 78A PU wheels are used
  • Only a skateboard manufacturing brand outside of China
  • The 27 inches Ridge Skateboard is 5” longer and 1.5” wider than original Ridge boards which made the board much stable
  • The trucks are needed a bit loosening
  • The board does not support much weight

Final View: 

Considering the quality and performance, the ridge 27-inch cruiser is the only option outside of china which already created a positive impact on its users. Ridge is a reliable brand which has a variety of color and design to support a durable and consistent product. We will recommend this to have fun rides and to move around easily.

5) Landyachtz Dinghy 28” Skateboard: Best overall  

Landyachtz Dinghy 28_Complete Cruiser Skateboard

With an outstanding design and layout, the Landychatz Dinghy 28” Skateboard is an amazing option for thrill loving and tricky skaters. Like other gorgeous and well-known Dinghy board, the Landyachtz Dinghy is a top-notch product to adopt skateboarding techniques. 

This cruiser is great for moving around, short-distance communication, kick flipping or other tricks, drops, and manuals.


Shape, setup and Outstanding features set apart the dinghy from other mini cruisers. The board is 28.5 inches long and 8 inches wide. So, you will get enough space to stand on the deck and do anything you like.  The deck is made from 7 ply maple which is superior to plastics.

The maple deck is adjusted with a cool custom grip with graphics.

You will get 14.6 inches wheelbase. 63mm 78A hog Fatty wheels are settled on that with polar bear 105mm trucks. The wheels might be replaced with 68mm or 70mm to add some additional risers. Wheels have flared as well and quarter-inch riser pad between the trucks and the board to lock your feet if you wished to do sliding.

The boards have different graphics like owl, polka-dots, and thunder-bird and so on. The nose and tail of the cruiser accelerate fun through flipping tricks. The tail has a ton of pop and the nose offers space for manuals and shuvits. 

  • Lightweight and easy to carry around
  • Different graphics with various style of grip tape
  • Nose and Tail are supportive enough to do tricks
  • Wheel flares are used for maximum wheel clearance
  • 28.5 inch wide and 8-inch wide deck for a stable ride
  • Some complaint is found for grip.
  • The wheels of the board wear off soon
  • The cruiser does not support much weight for its compact size

Final View: 

The dinghy is a well-reputed brand in the market and its product is always attractive for design and quality. Though the light-weight Landyachtz is easy to carry it’s not for heavy-weight people. Still, to enjoy the best of skateboarding, Dinghy is a reliable product for riders from beginners to professionals.

6) Cal 7 Complete 22-inch mini Cruiser board: Affordable   

Cal 7 Complete Mini Cruiser Skateboard

The Cal 7 brand offers a variety of skateboards like mini boards, kick tail shaped skateboards, maple skateboards, cruisers, and longboards. The brand introduced Cal 7 complete 22-inch mini cruiser board which will give you a taste of penny board at an affordable price.

The board is suitable for beginners and professionals as well. The kids and adults who have an interest in skateboarding can have a trial on this board while it does not require assembling after unpacking the new box.


Easy to Carry: The 22.5×6 inches high-quality plastic deck is easy to carry with a backpack and to move around. Though it is lightweight, it features durability as good quality plastic material is used on the board.

Different colors & Styles: The mini cruiser comes in different styles. There is a huge variety of colors and designs available like snake attack and color blast which made the deck much attractive to ride on.

Smooth Rides: The 59mm super smooth wheels with 3.125” aluminum alloy trucks made rolling durable and ease. Swift riding is ensured through smooth wheels and ABEC-7 bearings are used to maintain enhanced speed on the ride.

The Cal 7 complete 22-inch mini cruiser board will cover the weight of 176Lb (80kg).

  • Lightweight and easy to move around
  • Affordable price with quality materials
  • Compact size is suitable to carry on a backpack or suitcase
  • Available in assemble format and with tons of colorful decks
  • ABEC-7 bearings, 59mm wheels, 3.125-inch aluminum trucks ensured a durable and easy ride
  • The board will not last long in rough condition
  • The bearings are not good and so you need to replace them after a few rides

Final View: 

The Cal 7 cruiser will give you a feeling of penny board in case you use it on a smooth place to have smooth rides. The skateboard is cheap in price and made with quality material. However, the quality is not that high to tolerate rough conditions. Still, it could be a better option for kids and teens to learn cruising tricks.

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7) Retrospec Ten Toes Quip Complete Skateboard: Best for beginners    

Retrospec Quip Complete Cruiser Skateboard

Here is another simple, smart and compact size skateboard for a smooth ride. Retrospec Ten Toes quip complete skateboard is lightweight, bright and quality designed.

This high-performance little board is an injection-molded 70’s-style retro street cruiser. The board is perfectly balanced with an edge to charm and soothe the rider with the natural blow. 


Ready to Ride: The get going, the board will come to you in a fully assembled format. The deck is made with highly flexible plastic. The board is constructed with 22.5”x6” or 27”x6” Injection-molded plastic.

It will adjust your move accordingly and give you a smooth ride. Quip won’t bow down to typical 9 to 5 standards.

Lightweight & Durable: Ultra-smooth-gliding and highly flexible polyurethane-cast wheels enhance durability and comfort. 59mm soft wheels are perfect for soaking up all street bumps and sidewalk cracks on your way of skating. Lightweight ABEC-7 high-speed carbon bearings are fitted with 5” trucks for enhanced maneuverability, control and balance.

The trucks can be removed and screws are used to join the trucks with the deck. This will be an amazing option for kids and teens as it facilitates fun ride and playing. Beginners may take it as an affordable option to learn skating tricks.

  • Lightweight and portable 4Lb fits in backpacks
  • Made with highly flexible injected-molded plastic
  • Equipped with lightweight ABEC-7 Carbon bearings
  • 5” trucks control, balance, and enhanced maneuverability
  • Highly flexible polyurethane-cast wheels enhance durability and comfort
  • Bearings have problems in some cases
  • It’s not going to withstand much weight and not a good option for adults

Final View: 

Considering the price, the cruiser is really a quality product. The beginners will get the smooth-riding facility from this and can learn the basics of skateboarding. It can be a swift option for kids and teens as well for moving around and for playing rides. Surely, you will get the best service from this little cruiser within the expense it needs to take.

8) ENKEEO 22 Inch Cruiser Skateboard:  Best for girls   

ENKEEO 22 Inch Cruiser Skateboard

If you are in search of an amazing ride, this is exactly what the ENEEO offers. ENKEEO is a versatile skateboard producing brand that has variations of the longboard, caster board, cruiser board, and double kickboard.

ENKEEO 22 inch cruiser is a fully assembled complete plastic banana board and it will ensure a convenient ride just after you buy the product. It is great for children, teenagers, youth and adults. 


ENKEEO 22 inch cruiser is a fully assembled complete plastic banana board and it will ensure a convenient ride just after you buy the product. It is great for children, teenagers, youth and adults. 

Portable: The compact body of the deck is made of polypropylene which is durable and easy to carry around. It also features 4 smooth casters with a plastic deck to bring flexing. It will allow the deck to bend with each move.

Colorful and Fashionable Patterns: The casters are made of polyurethane and shaped with soft surfaces. The bright colors and fashionable patterns are a part of street culture and are going to sooth your eye too. It has different colors like red, blue, black, joker and star.

60mm PU wheels are adjusted with Abec-7 bearings. So, this gorgeous portable cruiser is going to share the fun, stable and comfortable experience with you.

  • The deck has a flexing facility and support smooth gliding
  • The fully assembled cruiser is ready to ride right out of the box
  • Variation of color and pattern are available to Suit Street riding culture
  • 22”x6” deck is compact and strong enough to withstand 220Lb and portable enough to carry with a bag
  • Long-lasting caster wheels are made of resistant PU for long-term use and will ensure a smooth ride on different surfaces
  • The wheels are a bit problematic
  • Sometimes bearings are responsive to stick the wheels

Final View: 

Product quality, unique feature and CE certification made the cruiser safe to ride. The Enkeeo 22 inch skateboard is suitable for any level of rider whether he is a beginner or a professional. Aside from some critical response, we think, it is going to give you an outstanding level of skateboarding experience. 

9) Playshion Complete 22 Inch Mini Cruiser Skateboard: Best for kids  

Playshion Complete 22 Mini Cruiser Skateboard

Starters who are looking for an adjustable and swift riding Skateboard, the Playshion complete 252-inch mini-cruiser can be an absolutely stunning option. Actually, this board is mostly available for kids and teens. It can also be a fun cruiser for the adult-sized person up to 220Lbs (99Kgs). However, the most appreciated feature of the product is its sturdiness. 


The deck of playshion 22-inch mini cruiser is 22 inches long and 6 inches wide which is smaller than a longboard and traditional skateboard.

Long-lasting: Notable point is that the deck is made of fiberglass compound material and it is much stronger than other brands skateboard made of PP/ABS.

It also makes the board strong and long-lasting. The cruiser has 59mm soft Polyurethane (PU) material. The 59mm diameter wheels have 45mm width which is large, durable and smooth to ride on a different surface.

Comfortable Cruising: ABEC-9 bearings are adjusted with the wheels to boast the comfort and speed of the board. To secure more sensitive and comfortable cruising, Solid 3.25 inch Aluminum trucks are equipped with soft bushings.

Moreover, you will get an extra-tool to lose or tight the wheels or trucks. Then, Playshion 22 inch mini cruiser has 7 color options like blue, transparent blue, red, orange, green.

  • T-tools is included for adjusting wheels and trucks
  • It is lightweight, portable and affordable to facilitate beginner skater
  • 59mm x 45mm soft PU wheels are adjusted with ABEC-9 bearings for a smooth ride
  • 22”x 6” deck is made of fiberglass compound material to maintain strong and durable service.
  • Metal truck and soft bushing combination lead to sensitive steering and comfortable cruising
  • The design is sturdy and suitable for kids and teens. It can be fun riding option for adults of 220Lbs weight limit.
  • It does not bend or flex while riding on it
  • The wheels are a bit small for cracks and rocks. In some cases, they do not spin much.
  • Though it made for kids especially, the sticker with the product is not appropriate for them.

Final View: 

Kids, teens, and starter have this much appreciating option to give them a really inevitable appeal to skateboarding. The quality and design of the board made it a decent choice at an affordable price. Hopefully, you will get a different, sturdy and durable experience with the variation of deck material and color.

10) Flybar Skate Cruiser Boards Skateboard: Best for college campus   

Flybar Skate Cruiser Skateboards

Flybar is an innovative and classic brand which has a reputation for producing top-quality and user-friendly sporting products. The Flybar Skate Cruiser boards will also give you a classic feel with cool design and graphics.


Classic Style: There are two different measurements of the board. One is Aztec of 27.5 inches length and the other is zigzag of 24-inch length. The 27.5” cruiser is a classical style board with Flybar touch. Its compact size made it easy to carry and to turn around your town or campus.

Smooth Ride: The 27.5×8 inches deck of the board is made of 7 ply Canadian maple. The lightweight maple concave board has a kicktail to curve. The deck is also designed with 80S black printed grip tape with Flybar to give you a controlled and stable ride. In a 17.5” wheelbase 60mm x 45mm 78A polyurethane wheels are combined to ensure a fast smooth and controlled ride.

It has ABEC-9 Chrome bearings adjusted with 5” Aluminum trucks, 6mm riser pads and PU cast medium bushings. The durable aluminum trucks are for a smooth turning experience. The 6mm rubber riser pads enable a higher ride height to avoid wheel bite.

This cruiser board is fully assembled and ready to go right out of the box.

  • Combination of classic and modern design
  • Kicktail and milled wheel addedfor cruising and carving
  • ABEC-9 bearings will give you fast, smooth and controlled ride
  • Outstanding graphical design with a strong grip at a decent price
  • Durable aluminum trucks will give you superior and smooth turning experience.
  • Sometimes trucks need a bit loosening
  • In some cases, bearings are not responsive enough and spin less
  • Users are expecting to have a bit longboard to enlarge the appeal of the board

Final View: 

The cruiser got a lot of positive response from the riders or skaters. This is an amazing board for beginners. Kids, teenagers, and adults can have the fun of riding this board and the board withstands a weight of 220lbs (99kgs). I would appreciate your selection of taking the brand appeal of classic feeling with modern design.

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  • FAQ about Cruising Skateboard

What is the difference between cruiser and skateboard?

The cruiser is a variation of a skateboard. Basically, cruisers are not built for tricks and focused on the act of rolling around. A cruiser is longer than a typical skateboard but it is less long than the longboard.

Typical skateboard wheels are lightweight and good for moving around. A cruiser has soft wheels to roll over much harsher ground than a typical skateboard. Actually, cruisers are portable and compact in size to use for short communications and typical skateboards are suitable for technical tricks. Typical boards are less durable than cruisers.

What size cruiser board should I get?

The usual size of the cruisers that is available in market measure from 22” to almost 46” length. The deck of the cruiser is a bit shorter than the deck of a longboard. Actually, the selection depends on your preference.

The shorter deck is useful for a quick and sharp turn and for less weight. The longer deck is appreciated for carving at speed and for heavy-weight. Considering the width, basically, cruisers have a size around 6” to 9”.

However, if you are experienced and professional, you can easily go for longboards as the skill is needed to handle those. The starter, kids and teens should go for an easy option to handle and to keep balance. So, small and a bit narrow deck is suitable for kids and beginner to roll around swiftly.

What are the best wheels for cruising skateboard?

Generally, cruisers have soft wheels to have a smooth ride. There are some points to keep in mind to choose the best wheel.

Wheel diameter is the first one which means how tall the wheel is. The taller wheels can go over cracks and rough surfaces which have more momentum too. However, tall wheels are hard to roll.

Secondly, the width or patch of the wheel is responsive to sharp turns and hard to push. The wider one is heavier and has more grips on the surface. Then, square lips have high grips and round lips have a low amount of grip. Square lipped wheel is better for quick carves.

The durometer (hardness) of the wheel defines the capacity of absorbing road vibration and the rolling speed.

Soft wheels are slow and hard to push. Soft one absorbs loads of vibration too. On the other hand, the hard wheel will absorb less vibration but rolls fast.

Trucks are also influential in choosing the best wheels. Select the best-suited one for your truck. Still, around 60mm to 65mm wheels are swiftly adjustable to cruisers.

Are Penny boards good for cruising?

The penny boards are smaller than standard skateboards. Penny is the best-suited skateboard for beginners. Beginners can easily take it around and roll. Penny boards are for short-distance communication.

Actually, penny boards are short at length. So, starter like kids and teens can ride on it easily. But others will face a bit difficult to ride on penny board.

The penny boards have hard wheels than standard skateboard and cruisers. The hard wheels are easy to roll. So, beginners can have a swift ride on a penny. While the cruisers have soft wheels, they are a bit hard to push by the beginner.

However, hard wheels get bitten fast and not for rough surfaces while cruiser wheels are handy on cracks and rough surfaces. Penny board is slow too as the trucks are too narrow and low which tends to get much wheelbite.

Penny boards are made of durable plastic formula which made it fun to ride and carve with. Penny board can be an affordable option of cruising for beginners, kids, and teenagers.

It’s your turn

While you have much interest and intention to do skateboarding, a cruiser skateboard can fulfill your expectations. A cruiser is not only an affordable device; it gives you easy transportation facility, compactness to move around and a smooth ride on a rough surface with durable service.

The mini cruiser can be an alternative of penny board too to enhance the experience of beginners at their first rides. To get the best-suited cruiser skateboard for you, all you have to do is finding the best model by judging the quality and relevant issues of the product.

If you have confusion, read the article again and match your demands. We tried to present a decent idea without presenting any biased sense so that it could be effective for you. Happy cruising!

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